The Holy Bible: The Old Hymns (Psalms) Chapter 107-118

This is a unique feminist approach to a gender-neutral paraphrase of the Holy Bible, which uses the true name of Yahweh God and of Yeshua, the Christ, rather than the traditional man made form of Jehovah by Sis. Kimberly M. Hartfield, B.S., M.S. – Christian Counselor, Ordained Minister. It is a work in progress, so these are excerpts in a continuing series.

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The Eternal Seven

The seven Eternals or Immortals appear in several cultures at different times and usually are claimed by one or the other of religious groups. They roam the world and have a tendency to appear at crucial historical crossroads either singly or all together.

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Zen Teachings: Part Four

Want to learn the basics of Zen in a way you can easily absorb & enjoy? You can do this now through this step by step series of short articles. Easy, fun, enlightening, enjoyable, useful, life-changing – you’ll love it!

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