Did You Remember?

This article looks at the act of being thankful, and appreciating the gifts of nature and God.

Have you said thank you today? In the morning as you dash out the door to go off to your very important destination, stop and listen. Do you hear the birds singing? They were created so that you could start your day with a song. Remember to say thank you for the music.

Now look around you. Do you see the many shades of green of the grass and the trees? Do you see the color and beauty of the flowers? They were created so you would have beauty with which to start your day. Remember to say thank you for the magnificence.

When evening comes and the darkness of the night descends, look up. Do you see the multitude of stars in the sky? They were created to light your night and guide your way. Remember to say thank you for the wonder.

We were given a perfect world, full of wonder and beauty and the responsibility to care for it. It is teeming with life. Animals, fish, birds, insects, and butterflies fill the ground, the seas and the air and are there for us to watch and enjoy. Remember to say thank you for all the magic that is our world.

Thank you is such a simple phrase, but one which we tend to forget to use when it comes to the very things we take for granted everyday. The act of stopping to listen to the birds, smell the flowers, watch the animals and butterflies will fill us with the feeling of wonder. The act of saying thank you for all that is will create in us the feeling of gratitude. These feelings will change the way our day and our life is going.

Just as we like to hear the words thank you for a gift we present to a loved one. God also likes to hear the words thank you for the gifts He has given us and He shows His pleasure in so many ways in our life by bestowing upon us so many more wonderful and thrilling gifts.

Those two very simple words mean so much when we hear them and so much when He hears them from us. Remember to say them every day.