East India Bloody Attack on Buddhists

One of the most sacred temples of the Buddhists in eastern India has been rocked by bomb blasts on Sunday!

Eight small bombs detonated by the police in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Bodh Gaya complex. Two other bombs were discovered and defused in time. Two monks from Burma and Tibet were injured.

Indeed, to date no known. Interior Minister Anil Goswami called the attack a “terrorist attack”, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh condemned the “attack on a place of religion.” As a precaution, security personnel has been increased.

On the 5th of the and 6 -Century plant is the tree under which Buddha is said to have been found in the year 531 BC enlightenment. He was reportedly not damaged. However, in a building were to break windows in a small temple was destroyed and a wooden door in another building debris lay on the floor.

The complex, the first temple in the 3rd Century should have been done before Christ, one of the oldest in India. In addition to the tree of enlightenment is there is a 24 meter high statue of Buddha, Mahabodhi.

The complex attracts Buddhists from all over the world, including the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of the Tibetans.

Attacks on Buddhists are rare in India. However, after violent clashes between Buddhists and Muslims in Burma, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are growing tensions in the region.