He Delivers Me, I Will Sing

This content has to do with two persons of different reactions.


There was a brother who borrowed the dancing habit of David as well as the act of singing, while doing this. Another brother who seemed to have discovered himself to be a sinner was coming with bundles of the works of the flesh as stated in Galatians Cp 5 verses 19-21.He wanted to know what was making the other brother happy and probably to join him singing in other to receive something from God.

However, God has to deliver him from all short of evils before he can receive anything from Him. The other brother prayed for him and God delivered him, He purged him out of his evil doings and he received God as his personal Lord and saviour for him to experience the fresh grace of God.

What is important in this short story is that, you as a person will need to discover yourself as a sinner and make supplication for the pardon of your sins either by meeting God personally or letting a saved person pray for you so that you can be totally delivered from any form of wrong doings because without been saved: no one can see or receive anything from God. Therefore, take a step to be saved today. God bless you.