Japanese Festival of Flowers


Everywhere in Japan Hana Matsuri reference to the memorial service conducted at temples in Japan to celebrate the birth of Buddha on April 8. It is officially called Kanbutsu. On this day, small buildings, decorated with flowers are made at temples and tanjobustu (child figurine depicting the Buddha) is placed inside. This figure is full of worshipers using a ladle with ama-cha, which is a drink made with hot water and tea leaves. Some people take home this ama-cha and they drink the holy water.

Shakyamuni Buddha was born about 2,500 years ago under the Bodhi tree in the Garden of Lumbini (Nepal) downward Suddhodhana Sakya King and his Queen, Maya. When the child was born, flowers are blooming, the birds sang sweet rain fell from the sky.

Buddha dclarat it’s here to bring peace to all sentient beings in the world who suffer.

The event is commemorated in Buddhist temples in Japan as the anniversary of the birth of Buddha Shakyamuni. The day is celebrated with parades featuring images of Buddha child as white elephant mother saw in her dream just before his birth. Children are dressed in traditional Japanese clothing decorated with cherry blossoms.

Flower Festival is an old tradition in Japan but he sixth century coincided with the birth of Buddha and then the two are celebrated simultaneously.

A special altar called Hanamido – a baby Buddha statue decorated with flowers representing garden Lumbini, in southern Nepal, where it is said that Queen Maya went into labor.

These rituals are committed in India. Hanamatsuri is predominantly a Buddhist festival Mahayana, Theravadin Buddhists celebrate Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and entry into nirvana during Wesak festival, which takes place in May at the time of the full moon.

Nature festival varies greatly from region to region, and often seems to have the characteristics of higher spring festivals: the expulsion of demons or prayers for the upcoming harvest. This is not a public holiday.

Monks and ministers gather at the temple to perform an initial stake sutras service? At Christmas, and people gather? to participate in the ceremony to honor. Visitors appreciate very much the culture, traditions and festive atmosphere. All the cherry trees are in blossom and the Japanese love nature.

Similar celebrations are done in Asia. Also, Buddhist sects in the United States celebrates the birth of Buddha.