The Debate on Celibacy and Marriage

This is an essay about the argument of whether priests should be allowed to get married or not. Catholic priests before we’re allowed to be wed but today, they are not allowed because of the belief that women are unclean.

In the early days of the Catholic Church, priests were still allowed to marry. But the time came when the leaders of the church forbid the priests to marry in order to stop the property, money and land of the church from being “inherited” away from the church. That is, from priests leaving money and land to wives and children when they died. Celibacy was implemented whether the priests liked it or not.

Until now, marriage is forbidden from a priest’s life. But the times are changing; technology is improving. Freedom of speech is highly practiced and voicing out opinions is not restricted anymore. The issue on the priests being celibate and unmarried is still open, and people are still debating about it.

Majority of the people still believe that priests should not be allowed to marry for the primary reason that having a family will hinder a priest from executing his responsibilities well. The priest is a representative of God on Earth and it is expected that he should live as Jesus did. An old adage goes, “A man cannot serve two masters.” It is pointed out in this issue that a man cannot serve both his family and God because once a priest takes his vows, he must consecrate his life entirely to God and detach himself from earthly possessions. It is indeed true that it is difficult to run a church and a house at the same time.

However, there are two sides in every pancake. People are more liberal nowadays, and being open-minded is a must, especially in an issue like this. There is nothing in the bible that states a priest should not be allowed to marry. Jesus’ apostles are priests but most of them were married. The primary reason why priests cannot marry was, as aforementioned, the fear of the Catholic leaders that the properties be “inherited” away from the church. This reason is shallow. Is it considered as enough foundation to ban them from having a family of their own?

Geoffrey Cant, a citizen from Upper Marlboro, shared a story in a post from the website of The Washington Post. He said that once, a student from his kid’s Religion class asked their teacher why priests are not allowed to marry. The teacher replied, “Because a family would be a distraction to him.” This story is quite amusing since Catholics are known to be pro-family. The family is an inspiration, not a distraction. Priests are humans, too, and they deserve the right to raise and have a family of their own.
Another reason why priests are not allowed to marry then was because of the belief that sexual intercourse makes a person “unclean.” This is because of another belief that women are less pure than men and hence constitute a form of ritual contamination. This is, in plain sight, discrimination to the females. Ask a priest if he’s lonely and he will surely answer yes. Because of this loneliness, he is driven to take advantage of the temptations around him. Scandals of a priest having a wife and a child are common to our society already. Is this not more unclean than doing it the right way?
The debate on celibacy and marriage of the representatives of God is never-ending. Absorbing every bit of information, I believe that priests should be allowed to marry. We keep upholding our rights and privileges as human beings. It is about time to let the priests have a taste of these rights.