Why, Why Adam Killed Children – Let Me Tell You Why!

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‎”If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”

~ Dalai Lama and Dr. Turi 

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Tragedy strikes at elementary school


Dear Readers;

Imagine for a second you were one of the twenty parents, or close friend of the children and adults killed yesterday in the CT school carnage? Terania and I woke up this morning so sad and I can feel the river of tears going through the nation endorsed by a depressive waning moon… MY forecast for those memorial evil day speaks of the truth coming from the heavens through the signs I translate everyday for those willing to pay attention to God’s higher celestial order…

2012 Moon Power Memo: Family and Friends: Do not expect relatives to be diplomatic during this trend, especially if the family is experiencing financial stress. Do not fall for Pluto’s destructive or sarcastic remarks; words of love and support will pay off in the end. Be ready for dramatic news from someone close to you. Whatever happens, be strong; life must go on as Pluto has important work to do and he is part of a celestial design imposed by God. Time to further my work and offer knowledge to those you care for by letting them read Moon Power Starguide.

While millions of people are mourning with the parents for the victims gathering in churches all over the world  many will blame the “Act of  God” and never step into another church for the rest of their lives…At least this is how I felt when my 15 year old brother was killed by a drunk driver.  Many people will blame God because they do not have any other answer while the atheists, agnostics and bigots alike will rejoice in their “righteousness”  saying there is NO God!

These people are usually the victims of dramatic experiences offering no answers or cursed by their  natal logical UCI or Unique Celestial Identity to reason this way.  The fact is humanity in the name of science and ignorance breached a set of laws they can not comprehend because the teachers was never there to inform them on how God set up the stars to use as warning signs. I n God, Jesus, the Pope and You! I explained the fact of the Zodiac impact upon each human beings’ fate and through my endless drive to educate the mass I offer undeniable proofs with my well documented predictions.

But how can humanity, the parents, the teachers educate our children on their celestial divinity when the system is set not only to ridicule the old science but promises hell if you deal with Dr. Turi?   Well readers Scorpius Evil Visited CT School  yesterday but he is still lurking around for many more months to come.

It is when science is disarmed, when the police and the experts have no answers that you seek answers, comfort and closure and try to make sense to what transpired with Dr. Turi. Yes Warning Scorpius Dragon Has Arrived! was offered to the world August 2nd 2012 and  re-stated on November 24 with Star Knowledge??????? Conferences 2012 and other articles posted all over. Doing so created a lot of animosity with the “young souls” unable to perceive or accept my undeniable gift in predictive astrology using Nostradamus 16th century divine astrology.

All they see is ego while all I am doing doing is sharing my passion and warning them in all possible ways…I know I sound redundant for some but this is the only way to refresh your memory on the facts of the past especially when more and more people are discovering Dr. Turi through my radio shows where I made yet again undeniable, dated printed predictions.

And I have to say it again readers so you can grasp the deep reasons for such a tragedy, 99.09% of the world will assume the killer lost its “marbles” when in fact the entire humanity has lost the spirit and worse do not possess Cosmic Consciousness or any form of intuition what so ever.  But I am blaming no one when the teachers (my students and I) are not allowed to reach the media and offer our  ridiculous “Pseudo-Science” to offer plausible answers.

“Within minutes, Lanza killed 26 people with chilling efficiency, leaving only one wounded survivor, according to Vance. In the first few minutes, the gunman is believed to have shot the principal, Hochsprung, and the school’s psychologist, Sherlach.”

I can only RE- state the facts that the entire educational system has to be re-structured because while traditional education is a must to handle mathematics and science,  the therapeutic values involving Astropsychology  are not part (or accepted) as part of the curriculum.  Human are very complex  physical and spiritual beings that must be feed with both logical and spiritual food and if you don’t understand or agree with this fact the psyche degenerate really fast.

Scientists have no cosmic consciousness thus no clue of this phenomenon and see the human brain functions to be geared only on this physical plane to get forward in life, all at the expenses of the spirit and the results are more than obvious its seem with so much drama, suicides, murders taking places.  I can not make myself more clear and this is why I use this paraphrase  or completed the Dali Lama quote under my  banner.

”If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”

~ Dalai Lama and Dr. Turi 

But the majority of teachers and students, including parents have never be  taught to think this way and add the desperately needed spiritual food back to all colleges and universities. But the reader must also acknowledge that archaic deceptive religious dogmas do not appeal or make no sense to the  UCI or Unique Celestial Identity of  the next generations. This is why Mr. Pope is on twitter trying to appeal to them and save the establishment but the current Scorpius dragon does not endorse anything BUT the truth. Those kids are not stupid or gullible like their peers and the majority will not join religions, they need the real spiritual facts in order to regenerate and survive. But remember the egocentrically oriented  stubborn scientific community thinks only them have the answers when they don’t, making the educational system the real killer of all the perpetrators and the victims.
 “The  the gunman is believed to have shot the principal, Hochsprung, and the school’s psychologist, Sherlach.”

The omen and the message is obvious to me and reflect what is seriously missing in the educational system and in the science of psychology. Remember there are no accidents, only cosmic circumstances unknown and unheeded by the world just yet. 

It is so easy to blame someone else, it is so easy to dress up any lost souls as a killer and make him totally responsible when what happened is only the final results of a humongous ignorance that finally came to the fore years later.  Drugs and guns, while serious complements are not the reasons behind this drama, we need drugs and we need our guns to battle invading criminals or a government gone insane. But without cosmic consciousness someone or something must be the reason and what an opportunity to lose more freedom?

For our unconscious President to cry on national TV is not the answer nor taking the guns away to the rest of us sane citizens.  Crying is what a child do when he is frustrated while an adult should look for the real answers but even Obama is part of the rule and in the eternal battle between emotion and reason, emotion will always win. And this is why I am asking my readers, regardless how disgusted  we all are to remember if you do not help me, one of the survivor kids, depraved of Dr. Turi or his students supreme wisdom,  may very well become the next killer and kill the children of your children.

In your heart think of the parent of the lost soul too, how do they feel to have created such a beautiful child and in the name of an unconscious educational system turn pout to become evil!  This child once upon a time was only a child, the same innocent child he killed because no one was there to teach him about his natal UCI. The parents and the teachers did not know of the growing deadly uncontrolled Plutonic energy and nor the parent of the teacher was there to help him apply his will and direct his power spirit to become productive.  Don’t think your child is immune parents, you would be making a serious mistake and he may be like the killer, a time bomb and you do not know! I really think it should be mandatory to have all teachers doing a “Child Characterology Report” on all his/her pupils or take the chance of being killed by a Plutonic born kid.  Furthermore going UNDER the stars should be a must for every human beings as to STAND strong and UNDERSTAND  the divine and God’s celestial rules.

“If you are not happy it is because you do not live your destiny”

There is no end to stupidity and trying to fix this problem the way it was always be done will never work, Period!

“No problem can ever be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” If we are to put an end to the insanity that has a death grip on our collective sensibilities, then we all need to move to a higher level of consciousness before it is too late for other children.” 

*The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.”

 ~Albert Einstein*

Those words were written by a genius and for science to recognize and accept failure is too much to ask.  So far the new TOP doctors of the Mind loaded with PhD’s  that were added  to my “black List” are still reading my material. But no one has budged and they wont. They will not admit the big difference between education, a gift and intelligence and a little traditionally “uneducated” French man does not belong to their group. What the hell can I teach them they think OMG! what about the keys to the working of the human psyche and its direct inner correlation to the universal mind.

Its takes a certain kind of highly spiritual human to “connect” with my work and I and this is why if I do not get your support more kids will be killed. Its not  a mater of if but when another killer act out his cursed stars readers and the sooner my Astropsychology school (or my expertise) become an accepted disciplines in all colleges and universities the option to educate the children of tomorrow will have a chance to enjoy being a child safely.

Now let’s look into the  UCI or Unique Celestial Identity of the lost soul…

Adam Lanza DOB: 4-22-1992


Note 7000 thousands American kids drop out of school everyday and the elites of education have no clue of the reasons.  I hope many of them will read my work and get a clue for the sake of our children! Firing good teachers to save their faces is not working either… Like the Law Enforcement there is an imposed  restructure but turning all schools into a technological security jail is not the answer either.  This will not feed the spirit of the children but act as a constant remember of the reality of potential born killers sitting next to them. How therapeutic this is but doing the opposite of what should be done is usually what unconscious adults will do. Jails and churches are NOT the answer, the right spiritual food/education is… More than ever all responsible parents should encourage their children to watch this 4 mn video Dr Turi Beyond 2012 on You Tube, trust me your kids may be into religion to please you but they need this type of spiritual food more than ever. In fact these videos should also be available to all the students in all colleges and Universities.

As expected, like in all the cases I wrote about lately, Adam was born a Plutonic and wearing black attires, black glasses  is a serious signal for all parents to be aware of. He was born into the constellation of aggressive, violent Aries, the warrior ruled by Mars “The Lord of War.” Sad enough Pluto the planet of death/drama/police is located right in his 8th house of death in the sign of Scorpio amplifying drastically the passionate destructive bottling emotions he was cursed with.

Read more about Pluto in Scorpio: “The Death Wish Generation” 

Jacob Tyler Roberts Another Born Kille
Most importantly and as anticipated Adam was in one of his Lucky / Unlucky Personal Dragon Dates but regardless of my warnings and suggestions to have this service done, no many people can really appreciate the reality and values of my latest astrological discovery. But the most significant information is the location of his natal Dragon’s Tail  (Dark Matter to help logical scientists) in the family oriented sign of Cancer.

Cancer rule home family, security, food and indeed the MOTHER! and she was the first one killed? The karmic negative Dragon’s Tail is right into the 4th house which is the base of operation and the MOTHER was killed first a HOME? Do you see the pattern yet? I am sure smart student of the stars in India will… Forbes Financial Astrology from “India”  but will I ever get a thank you from them?

Scepter of “The Power of the Dragon”

Key words for a negative Cancer Dragon’s Tail

You are smothering to all

You in trouble with your family and your mother

Your over anxiety causes ulcers

You are too needy

You are often depressed

You are afraid of a career and responsibility

You are over emotional

Another important fact to acknowledge is that Adam was under the jurisdiction of the Moon  and at time very Moody, my book Moon Power is a must to prepare and help anyone to combat depressions which usually reach the boiling point during one’s Lucky / Unlucky Personal Dragon Dates. But again who was there to educate Adam of the impact of the Moon upon its Plutonic psyche? The parents, the teachers, science, the departed psychologist or the School master?  NO ONE but Dr. Turi is offering such a rare wisdom but 99.09% of my readers are not yet fully aware of my gift to society.   The fact is Adam’s cursed Dragon’s Tail in Cancer destroyed many homes and many families and I wish my readers could comprehend what is so obvious to my students and I…

There is also a formidable Capricorns (head of evil) stellium right in his 10th house (public Standing) made of;

The moon is in fall in Capricorn conflicting with his Cancer Dragon’s Tail. The moon or cancer means love, feeling, security food, the mother, the nucleus of the home. While in calculated Capricorn, the emotions are neutralized and replaced by a very powerful need to reach popularity and accomplishment the wrong way. Adam felt he was not understood by his mother and took his revenge against all mothers by killing all the children. In his mind he was doing them a favor because if his mother could not understand and help him, in his mind all kids were also like him suffering in silence!  Again I seriously doubt   our unconscious mental scientific community will either comprehend or even agree with my findings. But, without cosmic consciousness,  what do they know really?

Uranus – Uranus is the sudden release of energy * earthquakes and responsible for many natural disasters and shocking  news “accidents.”  This planet attracts television but in Capricorn it stimulate the soul to act violently and shockingly to gain notoriety. Uranus is opposite (negative) to  Cancer and signify sudden changes and cancer means security.

Neptune – This planet rules deception, drugs, religions, oil, chemicals, poisoning, the Middle East and the pharmaceutical industry. In the 10th house of notoriety Adam dreamed of a way to make history and signify a serious negative reaction to any and all form of narcotics.

But what sadden me the most Adam had a serious chances to reach a very high position in life as this Dragon endorse any type of job with uncle Sam and produced so many achievements and respect in society. His Martian spirit was not guided constructively by the adults around him and allowed to kill instead of battling for the world progressively and productively.

My devastated heart goes to all the human beings involved in this drama that will soon repeat itself unless you comprehend the urgency of my mission and help me to reach all the children in all the colleges and universities. Since 1991 I have battled evil and ignorance and my independent research like all the past and future victims’ “sacrifices” can not go to waste.  I need your help NOW  and you can start, if you understand me, pass this on to the world because the world needs it bad and need closure.

In my endless fight to beat ignorance and help my human fellow beings I am asking the skeptical readers, psychologists and scientists alike to join me next Wednesday on “The Cosmic Code Radio” where I will offer mini readings and prove my claim to you that human are a reflection of the stars  while 99.09% of you are totally unconscious of it.

Remember, Adam, once upon a time was an innocent child, like all God’s children but he was not given the chance to learn about his UCI, his fate and became a robot of the worse manifestation of the powerful and emotional stars he inherited.  Its time for science not only to recognize its failure but to accept the fact that they are responsible for altering the truth  involving the Divine. I am offering them all with the option to rekindle their cosmic connection with the spirit and God’s celestial identity that speak of the beauty, love and success of all his children jailed on earth.  The part of God in each human beings, adults and child is real and much stronger than the challenging pull of the stars forcing some young souls to become the robots of their stars.

The reality is the curious age group who can relate to me realized at the autumn of their lives that religions and science does not offer the  answers they need.  I need to reach the children of their children with my teachings.

I truly hope all my readers will help me to save the kids from the evil of ignorance but it has to start with science and the adults teachings those innocent children… Please help me to offer real salvation to a world gone mad and disrespectful of God’s celestial presence speaking his cosmic will upon each and every human being through the Cosmic Code jurisdictions…

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

Sharing Emails:

Dr. Turi;

I have looked for two hours. Cannot find her DOB. NYPD doesn’t give personal info out in its press releases. Might find it tomorrow AM in Long Island newspaper obituary. Wake/Viewing is Monday. Funeral is Tuesday. Melissa, McKay is her lesbian girlfriend. She is a retired NYPD Detective. Who lived with Stephanie. She is the person who broke off the relationship with Sgt. Stephanie Moses.


 DT_ As soon as I have the information I will generate the explanations.. keep looking please.

Dr. Turi,

This massacre has all the markings of a CIA MK-Ultra Psy-Op to get a Federal law passed to remove the guns away from all Americans. Oddly, a lot of witnesses keep changing their  stories. Ultimately, the truth will come out.

Question:  Why have we not seen or heard from the Police Chief of Newtown, CT? Poplice Chiefs love to get on camera and take charge in times of crisis. This Chief has Not been heard from. My gut tells me something is just not right. Sadly, in the coming weeks there will likely be some suicides by police officers who saw the carnage.


DT –  Indeed you are right…The police Chief is grieving too, he is also another unconscious  human being trying to make sense and offer you some answers that could make sense to the carnage. he does not have any… Your logical fear of power may be produced by your own natal Saturn in your chart endorsing David  Hicke conspiracy theories…No its all in the stars but consciousness is missing.

In the absence of Cosmic Consciousness; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents just cosmic circumstances the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.

– Dr.Turi


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