Zen Teachings: Part Four

Want to learn the basics of Zen in a way you can easily absorb & enjoy? You can do this now through this step by step series of short articles. Easy, fun, enlightening, enjoyable, useful, life-changing – you’ll love it!

Zen practitioners follow basic Buddhist Precepts. These Precepts are: 1) Respect Life. 2) Do no physical harm. 3) Take nothing which isn’t yours  4) Regulate your sexual behavior 5) Speak kind words 6) Be honest  7) Avoid intoxication 8) Adopt a simple lifestyle

1)    Respect Life: In Zen all life is seen as precious. Even animals have all the sensations we do and are no less worthy to live then we are. Everyone is seen as equal, because everyone at the core is a spiritual being.

2)    Do no physical harm: Physical harm is hurtful, negative and rarely necessary. The goal of the Zen practitioner is to help others, not hurt them. Causing pain improves nobody’s world, to cause pain is a shameful act.

3)    Take nothing which isn’t yours: Most philosophies believe that stealing is wrong. Zen is no different. How can you have integrity and character if you take things that aren’t yours? How can he possibly be working towards the greater good by stealing from others? (This may be why you’ve never heard of a Zen politician! In fact, in the Zen beliefs a politician is the ultimate in lowliness)

4)    Regulate your sexual behavior: This means to not be ruled by your sexual desires. It also denotes that you shouldn’t do anything sexually that harms another, such as adultery.

5)    Speak kind words: The core the Zen philosophy is to be a positive part of the world and to enhance the world by helping others (and through personal growth). The core the Zen way of living is found in simple acts of kindness. Kindness starts with our words and should flow through our actions.

6)    Be honest: Lying shows a lack of integrity. Lying is about putting your needs before others. Lying hurts people. Be honest with others, and yourself.

7)    Avoid intoxication: Zen practitioners believe the body is a temple, not an outhouse, so don’t put any crap into it. Alcohol, cigarettes, even heavily processed foods and preservatives fall under this. Try to consume only what is natural, only what is healthy.

8)    Adopt a simple lifestyle: Zen is about balance. Extravagance is not balance. “He is not poor who has little, only he that desires much.”  Zen believes in simplifying rather than complicating our lives. Zen life is simple because we do not need titles or things to prove we are good enough or better than others.

By: Paul Cline (If you want more FREE resources and articles go to: www.AdvancedTrainingSeminars.com)