20 Answers From a Christian

A response to 20 Questions for Christians.

This article is in response to the article 20 Questions for Christians by author B. Nelson.

If people die and go to heaven, why do you cry at funerals?

For the same reason anyone cries at a funeral.  Certainly a Christian has less to cry about than a non-Christian since we believe that this is not the end of the “life” of a person.  But we do cry because we will miss them terribly.  We cry for our loss, the loss of our family member or friend.  Just like anyone else.  In a similar fashion as people who are parting will many times cry.  No one has died yet there are tears of separation nonetheless.

King James was a well known sexual deviant, he enjoyed having sex with men and boys. This is a historical fact and cannot be disputed, but how come so many of you feel homosexuality is wrong and still follow a book edited by one of the most famous homosexuals (or bisexuals) of all time?

This is a new one on me, I’ve never heard this before.  Combined with the fact that a Google search produces zero relevant items, I have to believe this is the concoction of some sensationalist crank who writes only to sell books to other cranks.

Indisputable historical fact? I’m not buying that loaf of bread just yet.  I would need to see some cites or documentation regarding this.

However, as to the question, what if he were?  So what?  If you do not think it is deviancy what does it matter, let alone to describe it like that?

God will use whom He will use.

Can you find three examples of contradiction in the Bible?


I have found so far, that every claim of contradiction is usually made based on a few common points.  Unsound reasoning, taking texts out of context, being deliberately and obstinately obtuse by demanding that a twisted interpretation of the text is the only one possible.

Using critical thinking and having reading comprehension skills can avoid such fallacies.

Can you find three examples where the Bible has been changed through editing?

Define editing?  If by editing you mean translation…it’s a non-question.  If by editing you mean updating the language, or bringing the thoughts and ideas expressed, into a more modern usage of language…also a non-question.  If by editing you mean differences based on some mythical source documents or author that no one has yet to discover…call me when they find it.

The bible is a unique document of history.  We have more extant copies of it than we do of any other work of antiquity.  It is easy to compare the change in documents across the span of years, and different locations, and see that very little has changed at all.

There are some minor disputes over a couple passages of text.  But these do not in any way effect either the substance or the context of the Bible as a whole, or the texts they were allegedly added to or subtracted from.  The rest are inconsequential questions about the translation of connective words such as our “the”, “and”, “a”, etc.  Seven of them if my memory serves me correctly.

For the intellectually honest scholar it’s simply not an issue.

If you speak in tongues, are you really just faking it, any one can speak in mumbo-jumbo, if it were a real language somebody should have been able to find a pattern and translate it by now, so how do you explain this?

The speaking in tongues, as manifested in the Bible, were understandable languages.  Unfortunately today we have a whole group of people who prey on those who are addicted to emotion and outbursts that excite emotion.  I put it in the same category as those who snake dance.

It’s not necessary to be saved.  And no one should be faking it.  But a bunch of people do.  Hypochondriacs can give themselves the symptoms of disease, these people let their emotions get away from them.

If we are products of intelligent design, why do we need to eat and poop?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I find the act of eating very pleasurable.  Food tastes good.  And we are physical creatures bound by physical laws.  What goes in must come out.

For me it’s a non-question, kind of like asking if there is a God why do we need eyes to see?  Why not?

Remember, the Bible does not say that God finished creating and saw that everything was perfect, just that it was good.  God looked at what He had made and declared it good.  Not perfect.  Not our idea of what either is good or perfect would be.

Had it been left up to me I would have put a tongue on each end instead of just one and eliminated the need for toilet paper.  For some reason this thought tends to disturb people.

If gluttony is a Sin, why are fat people allowed in Church?

Gluttony is a sin.  Gluttony is the pre-occupation with food, eating, and drinking.  Anorexia and bulimia are also gluttony.  Gluttony, as almost all sin, is something that has jumped the tracks and now occupies the wrong priority in our lives.

Fat people are allowed in church precisely because they are sinners like everyone else.  Worse yet, this is the only sin I can think of that requires the person to still partake of their problem.  For life.  One must eat or die.  One can give up alcohol, and drugs, and sex.  You can choose not to act on urges to steal, or sexually abuse children.

There is no such thing as food celibacy.

If greed is a Sin, why don’t you ask for a pay cut and help reduce inflation?

Since when did earning a living become a sin?  I guess since the democrats came into power, anyone who earns a living is greedy and anyone who doesn’t is a victim.  Poppycock!

Be careful at what level you define what greed is.  There are millions the world over who would think your lifestyle is one of richness and grandeur as well.  Your Triond earnings is more than they make in a year.  In some cases many years.

The question also makes the assumption that people who have been blessed in their lives do not go on to bless others.  And that simply isn’t the case.

Do you act on certain morals only based on your Bible, the threat of hell or the reward of Heaven?

None of the above.  Christians react…to the love of God, the love which changes hearts, and minds.

Our concern is having the best possible relationship with God that we can.  Everything else is trappings.  The closer to God we come, the more we reflect His likeness and who He is.

Is it possible that Jesus has already returned?


Why do you say that “cleanliness is next to Godliness” when God created dirt, dust, and cobwebs?

I don’t say it.  And neither does the Bible.  Mothers with OCD say this.  The same mothers who told us children in China would starve for some reason if we didn’t eat our creamed peas.

If God is so great why did it take 6 days to create everything, rather than a nano-second?

Why not?  Why do you always put your left sock on before the right one?

Because it pleased Him to do it that way.  God is not some spiritual computer bank or artificial intelligence looking to do things in the most efficient and sterile manner possible.  God has personality.

If God is all knowing, why did he/she make so many mistakes?

That’s pretty general and subjective.  What mistakes?  Says whom?  And why would another way be empirically better?

There are always those walking through an art show who think they could do better, or wouldn’t have used a particular color.  Remember my idea with the tongue.

Why is the story of Noah’s Ark often used to decorate children’s bedrooms, especially when it is a story about Gods wrath and anger and total destruction of 99.99% of all living things?

Why is Star Trek 4 The Voyage Home the most popular of the Star Trek movies? (The new one is too new to tell where it fits in popularity)  Because it’s a morality play.

Because the story of Noah is also a story about God keeping his promises to those He promises things to.  It is a story of love and salvation.  It is a story of believing God when He says something.  It is a story of family.

Are you aware that most Christian traditions, including Easter, Sunday worship, and Christmas, come from Pagan traditions?

I am aware that there are some sensationalist writers making money putting out books with little if any scholarship that promote these ideas.  For the most part it’s all bunk.  But those who like websites like infidels.org tend to eat it up.

The first recorded Christmas is from 336 AD.  Early Christians did not celebrate the birth of Christ.  That later, they chose to celebrate a holiday, at a time when everyone else was also celebrating a myriad of different holidays is to be expected, it certainly isn’t unusual.  Contrary to popular belief their are no Christmas trees in the Bible.

Easter is the celebration of the risen Lord taking the place of the Passover celebration.  As a matter of fact the word Easter does not appear in the Bible unless mistranslated as such.  The word that appears is the word for Passover.  Again, in the 4th century, it was a church council that decided when it would be celebrated, and the choice unfortunately was made in response to extreme tensions between the Jewish community and the church at that time.  The name, date. and symbols chosen, quite wrongly, in full knowledge that the Jewish community would disdain it.  Politics, not religion.

The suggestion that Christians traditions by sharing a date, are somehow descended from pagan traditions would be like telling someone that because they call a day Thursday they are somehow seriously paying homage to the god Thor since Thursday is a derivation meaning “Day of Thor”.

How is heaven any better than life on earth?

Is it?  I don’t know.  I suppose in the sense that it’s better because it is the abode of God.

What will you do in heaven?

What makes you think any Christian will be in Heaven?  As in a spiritual place that is not the earth.

Perhaps the confusion comes because sometimes Christians will refer to it as heaven, but mean something very different.  The Bible indicates quite clearly that God will come here, and abide with us here.  On the Earth in this dimension.  Well, New Earth, since it will be re-made.

Is an eternity in heaven going to be boring?

Nope, don’t plan on spending eternity there.  New earth remember?  God living here with us.

As for boring…we will have God with us.  The maker of the universe.  I expect there will be quite a bit to do and discover.  An eternities worth.

Have you ever considered other religions?

I’ve studied religions all my life.  I’ve thrilled to the tales of the Greeks and the Romans, waded through the Sumerian sagas, given myself headaches trying to read Indian Vedas, and searched the deeds of Asian heroes and demi-gods.

But something happened in the middle east 2000 years ago with a man named Jesus that cannot be explained.  Everything else just kind of falls into place after that, the uniqueness of the Bible, the problems with evolution and the fossil record, science that is more agenda that actual science.  All that is just the gravy over the dinner.

Why do you stay a Christian?

Because nothing else enables and affords me a personal interactive relationship with the Living God.

Nothing else names me, son and heir, to God.

All love starts with Him.