20 Questions for Christians

With the exception of questions three and 4, can these be answered without using a quote or verse from the Bible?

  1. If people die and go to heaven, why do you cry at funerals?
  2. King James was a well known sexual deviant, he enjoyed having sex with men and boys. This is a historical fact and cannot be disputed, but how come so many of you feel homosexuality is wrong and still follow a book edited by one of the most famous homosexuals (or bisexuals) of all time?
  3. Can you find three examples of contradiction in the Bible?
  4. Can you find three examples where the Bible has been changed through editing?
  5. If you speak in tongues, are you really just faking it, any one can speak in mumbo-jumbo, if it were a real language somebody should have been able to find a pattern and translate it by now, so how do you explain this?
  6. If we are products of intelligent design, why do we need to eat and poop?
  7. If gluttony is a Sin, why are fat people allowed in Church?
  8. If greed is a Sin, why don’t you ask for a pay cut and help reduce inflation?
  9. Do you act on certain morals only based on your Bible, the threat of hell or the reward of Heaven?
  10. Is it possible that Jesus has already returned?
  11. Why do you say that “cleanliness is next to Godliness” when God created dirt, dust, and cobwebs?
  12. If God is so great why did it take 6 days to create everything, rather than a nano-second?
  13. If God is all knowing, why did he/she make so many mistakes?
  14. Why is the story of Noahs Ark often used to decorate childrens bedrooms, especially when it is a story about Gods wrath and anger and total destruction of 99.99% of all living things?
  15. Are you aware that most Christian traditions, including Easter, Sunday worship, and Christmas, come from Pagan traditions?
  16. How is heaven any better than life on earth?
  17. What will you do in heaven?
  18. Is an eternity in heaven going to be boring?
  19. Have you ever considered other religions?
  20. Why do you stay a Christian?

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