A New Definition: Love is God

A God which everyone, regardless of religion, ethnicity or race, should revere and believe…

On my recent trip to South India, I came across a movie made in 2005. It is called “Anbe Sivam”, which my friend was kind enough to translate as “Love is God”. The movie talked about the one true cause for which everyone, regardless of religion, ethnicity or race should struggle. Throughout the movie, the protogonist is shown as an atheist and communist. An important scene which was very touching was when the protogonist and his new friend sit near an ambulance. The friend is crying because of the death of the boy in the ambulance, to whom he had just donated blood.

He says, “No… I don’t understand… What kind of design is this? He makes a train accident occur… He makes a boy caught in it… He makes him almost die… Then the boy suddenly gets a rare blood group to save his life… Then again, he dies on the way! – What kind of a God is this?! It is in these times that I’m losing faith that there is even a Go- (He stops, seeing the protogonist smile knowingly) No. I’m not like you, I’m not an atheist. I still believe in God.”

“Who told you I’m an atheist?” the protogonist replies.

“Oh? You’ve suddenly started believing, then?”

“I’ve been doing it for some days now…”

“Oh. And which God do you believe in?”

The protogonist points towards his friend, who is stunned.

“… Look, I don’t understand your jokes man…”

“Because it’s not a joke. The heart which sheds tears for a dying person it didn’t even know yesterday… I call that God.”

These lines were so touching and unforgettable that I thought it deserved to be mentioned. All over the world, people believe in God in different paths and different religions, and some don’t even believe in one – but everyone who does or doesn’t, has one supreme principle and instinct in their lives – to love. There is nobody here who hasn’t loved atleast one person in the world.

Almost all religions – Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Jainism and the like – preach one important quality of a good human being – to love. This is done in different, sometimes harsh ways, but the overall message is the same. They all say that God loves every single organism, and that we should do the same. Even atheists don’t believe in any supernatural entity, but they still love everyone. They still have their morals intact. Love seems to be the one emotion that is agreed to be the ultimate quality in a good person, by everyone.

So, why can’t we consider love to be God?

The theme song of the movie mentioned above contained these lines… “For the people who believe in a God, God becomes love. For the people who don’t believe in a God, love becomes God.” That is exactly what I’m trying to tell here; love is a concept that is true for all beliefs and all philosophies. We instinctively like people who are caring and affectionate, it is genetically inborn. Considering love to be God does not degrade the beliefs of any religion, because all of them promote love as the noblest quality. Considering love to be God does not assume the existence of any supernatural force, which gives no problems to non-believers. So, why not?

If you’re a theist, consider this: Would your God punish you if you believed that love is the highest and most supreme force in the universe?

If you’re an atheist, consider this: Would you require any sort of evidence or proof to believe that love is the highest and most supreme force in the universe?

Definitely something to think about.