A New York Jew at Christmas

A poem about a Spirit that crosses twenty centuries into modern America.

Twenty centuries ago a man walked alone

down a dusty Judean road to his death.

The years containing the memory of mankind

since that time contain both blood and faith

mingling together to form the ink

that make the pages of human history.

He appeared again on a busy downtown street

emerging into the heart of New York City.

From the unseen world of other dimensions,

He stepped into December’s hustle and bustle.

Cold cash registers rang in his ears.

Modern money-changers praised his name.

The masses of humanity hurried as He watched

to make its next appointment

before stopping off for a double-martini.

As the current-day Messiah walked the avenue that cold night,

He heard the Salvation Army bell ringing on the corner.

His eyes met the gaze of a young woman

who chose to brave the cold and frigid stares.

From his pocket, he produced a bill to insert into her kettle.

Looking out over the neon city,

he disappeared unnoticed

into the unknown dimensions once again.

An intercessory prayer swirled like mist from his lips into the air,

born from the modern mind, uttered by the suffering soul

of the New York Nazarene.


“Jesus in New York”
Image by George Cassutto
Copyright 2010
Used with Permission