Being a Peace Maker: The Discipline of Speech

The manners of speech that is conducted by Pastor Mary Chua of Youth Time Fellowship at Youth Gospel Center.

In a quite good observation process, researchers found out that most people have terribly no progress in speech.  If we go way back to the old times, a person who is going to be the king’s successor should have a proper manner of speech.

Christians are not different from the unbelievers.  In parts of their speech, there is always a curse.  Therefore, man is separated from God because of sins.  In Proverbs 18:21 of New International Version, it states “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruits.” Therefore, the tongue has a complete control over our actions.  Both good and bad things come from its source, which is the tongue itself.  We are becoming ruthless and crafty because of our tongue.

The causes of jeopardy is our tongue.  If we do not have Christ in us, we cannot control our tongue.  However, the tongue can promote healing through the proper way of encouragement.  Therefore, we should remember that wrong words at the wrong time are harmful.

These words have potential to hurt others.  However, God’s words are powerful.  As Christians, our quest for spiritual journey is to be more like Christ through the Holy Spirit.

Through careless talks, we sinned against God because we are insensitive to others feelings.  We are usually tactless in terms of speech.  On the other hand, being tacky is socially unacceptable because a person must have a responsible for what he ma going to say. Being tacky can be referred to obscenity, foolish talks and course talking.

The radio commentators and public speakers have proper manner of speech because of their charm and wit.  They are usually friendly and sensitive to others’ feelings.

To keep the ethics of speech, one must have self-control to gain trust and respect.  One must not gossip or tell lies about others because it would lose interest and trust to one another.  If you could gain respect, the receivers would value your ideas, and all of you will live a peaceful life.

Some speech is straight to the point and others are too detailed.  Even though it is varied by classification, one must slow to speak and be quick to listen.