Brainwash/christianity – The Connection

Is there a connection between these two? How about all religions? Maybe, maybe not… But there certainly is one here…

Brainwash/Against Christianity

“Mind control (also known as brainwashing, coercive persuasion, thought control, or thought reform)
refers to a process in which a group or individual “systematically uses unethically manipulative
methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s), often to the detriment
of the person being manipulated”. – Straight quote from Wikipedia.

When people think of brainwash, they usually form an image of a place where it is performed.
Often this place is a closed, separated area. with no contact to the surrounding world

Brainwash is often experienced as a very physical, “coercion”, where f.ex. a man is tied to a
bench, his eyelids forced open and put to watch a looping film of psycho-killers 24/7, until he
becomes the ultimate killing machine. Too much TV and movies. The real brainwash can be done in
many ways, but the most important factor to success is control. Mental control is one of the
methods of brainwash. Here again, straight from Wikipedia, the elements of Mental control
(translated from Finnish Wikipedia);

1st. The Control of Behavior

– The Victim must dress, eat, work, etc. like the group/individual wants.

2nd. The Control of Thought

– The Victim must learn the community’s system and suppress his/her suspicions towards the cult.

3rd. The Control of Feelings

– By means of accusation and intimidation, the victim’s negative thoughts against the cult can be
keeped away. The victim can also be stopped leaving the group by telling that outside,
there is no hope of salvation.

4th. The Control of Information

– Any Information that might compromise the cult is being held from the members. The Cult shares the
knowledge of the outside world through their on releases.

The school’s dogmatics and Christianity itself fills ALL these elements, direct or indirect.
If you want proof, keep on reading. I’m sorry that I have to link some parts to wikipedia, because otherwise triond won’t let me publish it…


The Control of Feelings – Accusement and Intimidation;
The First of the Ten Commandments (Catholic and Lutheran):

Please read the First of the Catholic and Lutheran Ten Commandments, in order to understand the following.

– In a simpler way this is: “Do as I say, or thou shall burn in Hell’s eternal fire.”
Which is intimidation ( 3rd element) meant to keep the victim’s negative thoughts against
the cult away. Also this fills some parts of the 2nd element: “…you shall have no other gods
before me.” and “You shall not make for yourself an idol,…” (learning the system).

So until now I have proven that first of the Ten Commandments fits with some parts of the
2nd element of Mental mind control and the 3rd element of Mental mind control.
Two more elements to go.

The Control of Information;
The Holy Bible

-This is easy. The Holy Bible does tell negative things about God or Christianity, but always comes up with a way to justify it’s deeds.
Simple as that.

Only one more to go. Christianity does not directly say what you can wear and what you can not
wear,same for eating. But working, yes. Behavior, yes. And clothing, indirectly yes.
Explanation? Here:

The Control Of Behavior;
The fourth of Ten Commandments:

Please read the fourth of the Ten Commandments, in order to understand the following arguments.

– Don’t work on sabbath. That is controlling how you work.
Then, the hard part:
Eating: The Seven Deadly Sins, Gluttony.
Quote from Wikipedia again:

“In the Christian religions, it is considered a sin because of the excessive desire for food,
or its withholding from the needy.”

Dressing: This is indirect but can still be proved. Here we go.
The Seven Deadly Sins, Greed. If you desire something that is not inevitable, f.ex. fancy
clothes, you are performing the sin. The meaning of clothes is to keep you warm and cover
your skin, so by wearing something that is more than that, you are greedy.

And for all of you, this was just to prove a point. So I don’t want to see stupid comments like “You’re going to hell!” because I’m living one, we all are.

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