DaVinci Code Rebuttal

Satan’s job is ultimately to destroy our lives and ultimately our souls. As Jesus said to Peter, “Get behind me Satan”, it reminds me that evil is transported through us. In this case, through the movie industry. This movie is a great story but that is all it is. It is designed to dissuade you from the truth. I think for most of us, we know that there is something wrong with this picture.

Jesus Christ would have never married because that would have made Him “imperfect” therefore an insufficient sacrifice. Anyone who has ever studied the Old Testament and understood the concept of sacrifice will clearly see why Jesus Christ would not have married, nor had descendents. When Jesus was crucified, He Himself said, “It is done.” There was nothing left to accomplish for order to be restored. There was no need for descendents when the line that He descended from would continue regardless. God does nothing without point and purpose.

In the Book of Revelations the 144,000 were “not defiled by women”. 144,000. Would Jesus be “defiled” by a woman? I can’t see it. While the Divinci Code is a great story, that is all it is. God gave His only begotten Son to us as a perfect sacrifice for our sins. This is the reason we have a shot. Jesus’ perfection of spirit through God is the way to receive the gift of eternal life. Because Jesus blood was released from His body into the air and onto the earth, we can attain the life we have been cheated out of. That is the point and purpose for Jesus death.

To the more carnal mind, one would think that perhaps He couldn’t refrain from sexual relationships because He was in a mortal body. Therefore He would’ve married to refrain, then, from sin. This is a “mortal” way to think. Jesus, may have been in a mortal body but within His flesh flowed the iron will of the one and only God. His abilities or weaknesses were not like ours. His fight was not against mere mortal sin but the power of evil itself. He “duty” was to balance the scales but because of who He is, of who God is, we have the advantage, if we choose it.

We are warned time and time again against human tradition versus the laws of God. The Crusade, The Templar Knights, etc. were of mans’ making, not God’s. The Catholic church in it’s early life portrayed itself as intercessory between man and God. Obviously, mortal men are not good enough no matter what religion they are. Only Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, was found to be worthy to get the job done. We hear many stories, myths, legends and folklore that often have a small amount of truth in them. Sometimes rumors are started to mislead on purpose for much, much bigger reasons than any of us may realize. Suffice to say, there is a difference between what makes sense and what does not.

To understand sacrifice you have to turn inside yourself and imagine losing something of value to you yourself. Then you have to amplify that, even if the loss you imagine is of your child. God’s loss would not be like ours either. It was a gift as well as a sacrifice. It was His Son that would suffer and die to accomplish the opportunity for us to have the life we once had that many of us deserve to have. This is why there is so much depression and negativity in the world because many do not see a way out. Jesus is the way out, no matter what happens here.

It is a shame that ignorance rules so many these days, and in a case where it is between us and God, it is of the utmost importance that we understand that upon our personal judgment, pleading ignorance will not work. That’s why He sends people like me, to tell it like the bible says it is. Plain and simple. Do not believe so easily that which is presented before you as authentic, possible or probable. Think about why it is being presented. What is the point?? My point for this presentation? For clarification and to keep you on the right track. Besides that, I don’t want to lose anyone. With love.