Faith Keeps Her Safe

As her belief in God grew she found herself totally in Love with the Lord Jesus Christ. Faith has changed the way she saw things. The way she thought, everything that she did. She had a snake – (a demon in the form of snake) on her person for over two years. She was still safe as God always intervene when the snake acts. the snake needed her heart to manifest into her form.

Once upon a time a young lady was talking to a friend who said if there was God let him save you from the calamities that will befall you. She did not know what that was meant so she enquired fro this friend and he repeated if there let that God save you. She and he spoke as though they were wanting to know who was stronger. She believes in The Blood of Jesus that was shed on calvarey for the attonement of our sins. She has faith so much faith in the existence of God The Almighty and his son Jesus Christ that the fact that she has this snake attached to her made NO Diference to her life.

At one time when the demonic activities got to a point where she thought she could not handle it anymore she went and saw her medical pratishioner. The medical worl had alway looked or seen such things as not normal. Anything spiritual was a psychosomatic behaviour. The lady was seen a having halucinations.

This was real but her faith in God and the power of her spirit this would cause a huge havoc in her life. Thank God she has grown spiriyual enough to not allow any of these demonic activity affect her. Though she found it very challenging and testing of her faith in God. God has not let her down in all the attemps that this entity in snake form has treid.

When it started it was not easy at all. This thing was transported on to her delibrately by someone she trusted. Her body had been prepared by this person who thought she would get away with it. That she was going to be able to succeed just as he had done in the past. Only this time this young lady has shown that with faith anything was possible as long as she carried on keeping faith in the Lord.

The closer she stayed to God the better her faith remained. God is truelly a tower of strentgth If she lived to be a hundred years she will always believe in God because she has felt the love of God. The strength of God has made her a new person. Nothing will harm her nor make her ever think nagative of life no matter what she lived with. Is like this photo below here and what it meant or means.

The Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross to make attonment for the sins of the world. Nothing will change that

meaning. It’s over 2000 years now when it happened and it will remain the same in another twoo thousand years. Faith is believing in the things that you can not see but perceives to be true. Her faith will carry on keeping her safe as it’s obvious now, that only God can deal with the situation she has found herself in.

She carried on with her life prayed to God in the most high to carry on protecting her to the end.  Prayers were her strength the more she prayed the stronger she felt. She even found hersel praying for God to keep both of them safe.  The snake needed her heart to be able to succeed. The snake could not get her heart so she just carried with her life.