False Preachers are Everywhere!

I am serious perturb at the rate at which many people now deceive others in the name of religion or church. They are everywhere and we cannot deny that.

To some extent, I have to agree with Karl Max who said and I quote “Religion is the opium of the masses”. No wonder is it everywhere because these dubious merchants need to keep supplying false prophesies, deceiving the masses in the name of worship.

My Triond friend once wrote “Pastor Liar” stating their nuisance to the society. It is everywhere as I said earlier.  They victims are at stake as the face severe and continue worries now and there. I am not surprise yet they are everywhere and mostly seen on TVs appearing in sheep clothing.  Shout on top of the roof and expose those criminals and please never keep quit. You will observe that nothing is hidden under the sun and no matter how they act like angels, no matter how the pretend like sheep; they will exhibit the character of a predator.

I may sound so harsh but I beg you in your most merciful goodness forgive. In Nigeria for instance, they are littered in nooks and crannies of the cities and villages. It is very true yet that most extinct native doctors have resurrected and today appear as prophets “MEN OF GOD” because people no more recognize them as in the old days before inception of the missionaries. At the street where I leave, there are 14 mushroom churches (all Christians) but will never share together. Each church has equipped musical and sound instruments piercing the ears and pollution causing confusion and especially on Sundays.

What do they preach to the congregation? You expect nothing except prosperity. Put on the television and you are embarrassed. They will facially proof to you they are advanced and learned, rich and problem free. Many are misled by their words and I know next is doom for such wicked people. “Ask whatever thing you wish and my god will grant you”. This is a common statement they make and so people who reasons like them tend to command God out of their selfish interest.  One man brought his manuscript for typing in my business centre. It was a prayer request and it reads “Pastor pray your god my family is restored back, that my wife be blessed with twin baby boys and that my business will grow to international standard”. This is just the preamble.

Be very vigilant these days about these wolves in sheep clothing. They are everywhere seeking for people to prey on.