Gianni Truvianni for God’s Findings

I never thought much about God or religion until a certain day in 1989 when I heard someone say something that quite frankly had never even considered.

Gianni Truvianni For God’s findings

This is an article expressing my personal view of God and the Christian religion that arose on the basis of having read the Bible both Old and New Testaments and the conclusions drawn from it. I know there are many who will agree with my deductions and is not intended to convince anyone that the right of me I chose to write this article, but to share my conclusionescon about God with those who may willing to read another perception of God and humanity.

I never thought much about God or religion until a certain day in 1989 when I heard someone say something that quite frankly had never even considered. His question was initiated in the form of a statement of fact that people of ancient Greece at the time of Alexander the so-called “Great” characters as “Zeus”, “Apollo”, “Dionisio” non-fiction or myth But God we worship as Christians today worship God and Jesus Christ. Like us, they also build shrines to those who believed that their gods and feared punishment if they do not worship. This was something that confirmed my historical knowledge, but his point is how do we know if sometime in the future, say in 2000 years from that day or even today people would not look back on our time look and the return time of the ancient Greeks and tell us what we say about them, there was a time long, long ago when man used to worship what can be called “Judeo-Christian God” and even considers that a carpenter’s son was the Messiah sent by God in this some kind of mission to save their souls.

Maybe by then humanity will have developed a completely new religion or my self-esteem, if nothing else that the best faith of all and that is the one in itself and its possibilities that they no longer look up or down to any powerful than all but him or herself to determine the right way is not only for him or her as individuals, but of their species as a whole. I often said that man needs to believe in something greater than yourself time to be a god or another, but I have not heard a good reason to be convinced that this is the case. Mankind has been able to accomplish the extraordinary in his time on this planet we call earth, not all facts are good, but what could be classified as our limitations, we were able to travel outside our own planet, the technology and the creation of works of Artedanza the real wonder that, in my opinion, if anyone else in the game that everything that could have been created by any god “false” or “true” but all this tells us that quecreer have something “more” then ourselves. This in my view is that what we said is that we as humans are able to create (without the assistance of any real deities or otherwise) which is a marvel, but we can not direct our own vidascon aa on how we behave and treat our fellow men. Some even say that the real good can come only when done in the name of God that I wonder if this included the “Inquisition” or “Crusaders”.

I’m very often a question I think is irrelevant whether I believe in God or not. First reason for considering this issue, as such, because there are two possibilities and two only. The first of these, God exists and if it does I believe he (or she must be the case) does not eliminate, the second a God (Judeo-Christian) does not exist and if so microns in reality he did not create then he and the faith of the ancient Greeks created “Zeus” or the Vikings created “Odin”. Perhaps the question I juntocon others should be asked is weather or not we believe God exists because if we follow the basis of logic is it not correct first determine weather or not we put our faith, even at the exits.

For my part I do not know whether God exists or not and I do not give credit to anyone who claims that he or she makes on the basis of their belief or lack of it, as sometimes is longing to do that makes people see what is or is not ignoring what it is. For some this can make one that is still useful to me in not wanting to take sides so far, but this is not, although I have the respect of this pruebacon why that claim to know. I consider myself an “agnostic” to say that maybe there is one called “higher power” may not exist, but I have not seen sufficient evidence much less proof to influence me in any direction and even the Bible is well written in my opinion is not proof of anything.

Of course this whole argument might ask what does “believe in God? Does it mean accepting its existence as most of us now accept that the world we live in, although it is round, how many of us have our eyes vistocon. Or believe in God means to follow his orders as the Bible to complaints? Or maybe it means that worship, placing him so high above ourselves that are not even worthy of what supposedly created us? Perhaps this is the real problem, because as those who have read the Bible, you can even declare “Lucifer” has no alternative but to belief in the existence of God to know how he could not because according to the Bible is God who created, but as the Bible also says Lucifer the Fallen Angel “does not worship him.

My personal belief based on what I know, not a writer or author, but as a human being is that God is “whatever does not matter” to us (no matter how long it’s real or not) of the human race it should, but humanity itself and its highest ideals which I do not come from God. It’s hard to put ideas especially those that are not simple to any phrase or group, but if I had to be saying that I believe in doing what we know in our minds for the right “the amorde humanity” God, not good for its own sake, which would lead to a kinder world.

I unlike most people, even those who claim to be Christians have read the entire Bible each other “Old Testament” and “New Testament” and found nothing in it that brought me to the conclusion that God would exist or that if he did he had to be a god or merci compassion or love for this issue. Many of the reading of what you might see the idea that Lucifer is in favor of that lawyer, but I only do it then for God I think for people who estosdos one in the same that pretending to be enemies are actually working together for humanity of torture, a punishment in itself and the other as constantly tempted by what the first could have an excuse to punish him. Of course this is based on weather or not there is more truth in the Judeo-Christian bible then the other religions that were once considered as such, but now are viewed as mere mythology, as opposed to theology.