This is one of the messages in the Sunday Worship Service at United Evangelical Church of Malabon. According to Ephesians 4:7 (New International Version), “But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it”.

God is given us gifts, and He wants us to be united.  If we work together, we can do great things to God.  We have gifts because of God’s grace.  These gifts we receive from God are free.  Our gifts are not the product of our labor.

We cannot choose our family or environment.  These are God’s plan for us.  We are what we are today because of God’s plan.  We have gifts to serve today because God gave us these gifts freely.  He cannot easily take these gifts.  But, remember, there are times to be happy and times to be sad but everything is in the hands of God.

All gifts are God’s grace, and He gives gifts to each person.  The Bible tells us that God gave us gifts and talents, and each of us are part of the body. Unfortunately, we cannot have them all because each of us are different.

People must never say, “I do not have gifts.” Even old people have gifts.  They can sit there and listen carefully to the message.  They can pray for us and guide us.  Do not say we are useless because we are useless when our time has come.

Do not compare with each other because we have different gifts.  God made us and allow us to be together.  You cannot compare and do not need to compare.  Even pastors have differences.  Gifts are all different but the important is never compare to one another.

Christ measured gifts for us.  These gifts are taylor made for us, which means some things are really made for us.  God’s measure is perfect for you because He has requirements from you.

You can train yourself to improve your gift.  By God’s grace, keep learning.  You can choose the ministry that is suitable for you.  Whether your gift is small or big, you must be faithful to the Maker.

Gifts are given by grace, therefore we should never boast.  We must use them well.  God gives gifts differently.  We must never say, “I do not have gifts.”  We should not compare with one another.  Realize what God has given to you.  Look for a ministry that is suitable for you.  Lastly, be faithful to the Maker.