God is Omnipotent

The devil does his best to confuse people but if you believe in God and have
plenty of faith in his powers as well as his works you will not be afraid of witchcraft. This is part of a young ladies experience as she had experience it.

God certainly is the almighty one. It it really a disolution or wichcraft at work.

Who can walk on the face of this earth with a crockerdile, or aligator attached to her for over two and half years. She did and is still is. She has proved beyound all things that if you have God you have everything. She did think at first that she was going out of her mind.

How can she go to sleep one day and the next morning wake up with an animal attached .

to her. It was a snake at first but she took it all in her stride and was never afraid of  it.

After hearing hissing come out her mouth several times she made mention to a friend

that she had been hearing a snakes hiss coming out of her mouth it all stopped.

The next thing she could feel some entity followiing her, watching her, for weeks she would

not sleep. She kept awake all night and some times just slept a few hourd in the day

when she just nodded over. She mentioned this to a friend who advised her to stop keeping

awake and make sure she got a good sleep. That’s all she needed he said.

She was still afraid so kept awake for months and months untill one night she just could not

help it and she fell asleep.She woke up the next day cerain that she was not alone.

Yes she soon confirmed she was not alone. She use to visit a friend in the city. On her

first visit after the thing had got on her she could feel the two of them apart. The animal

as she came to find out was not use to car speeds. The minute she hit the motorway.

She would feel the feer in the animal and the two of them being apart. This animal was so

afraid it thought she was trying to hurt it. It tried to behave in a very disturbed man

manner but she calmed it down. She spoke out as though she was looking at the animal.

She could not see it, she could feel it on her and she was certain it would hear her so she

would say calm down nobody was comimg to hurt it or us – meaning the both of them.

When she was in the city she took a bus ride with her friend, and it was so amazing

the animal pulled away and was frightened to get on a bus. She had to quiclkly speek

to assure it by saying it was alright nobody was going to harm them it was alright not to

be freightened and get on the Bus. That was one hell of an experience. All she could think

at the time was who could she tell what was going on. The priest, her friend, who.

She took the pullet and told her friend that she visited in the city. She told her it was

all in her head and that she should stop thinking about it. She felt so insecure and afraid

for her life for a while even though she believed God would not let her down as long

as she put her faith in God, prayed to God and his angels for their protection she would be


Her freind asked her where her old self was, because she worked with her on the buses and

she knew her as a strong willed person who whipped the ases of the ment she

worked with. In a nice way nothing nasty. To this day her freind still believes it was still

all in her head but it was not and it is still her reality. Witchcraft at its best has been

used on her.

Let the doctor believe it’s her disulution, while she walks about praying every minute she

can fo God to protect her if only to prove the devil has less powers than he the

Almighty God. He God of Abraham, God of Moses, God of Jacob. Her only crime was believing

and saying to satan’s advocate God is mightier than Satan. The devils advocate told her

she makes the challenge even more of a challenge.

All she has to say is God is umimipotent the devil may succeed in touching you but as long

as you believe in God he may never succeed in harming you. Though in this case she has been

made to look like she was a mental patient. She was having dilusions.

Well till another day.

NB/If it is not real why does she feel the nervous system of this thing, how come she feels it heart beat.

Only God Truely Knows.