Religious Orders

They often sit in complete silence, pondering about life and creation. Each culture on earth has had or been one. This is a short article about Religious Orders in general, and how they usually live.

“Morning came and yet another day was spent in the light of our Lord, oh how I do love all that He created. We gathered his humble herbs in our small garden, and prepared a small bowl of soup for us all.” the Hermit thought

Religious orders are large or small groups of people, that live their lives outside our normal world, normally in a monastery of either monks or nuns, and they have dedicated their lives to one purpose, usually in devotion of the Lord.

Read the incredible connection between the Catacombs under the streets of Paris and the Order of Saint Bruno:

These are not devious underground orders, that deal with black magic or keep secret from people. They are merely people who normally lives so secluded that modern people might have forgotten about them. Some live under an oath of silence, which means that they are not allowed to talk to people, which can give the illusions that they might have secrets. The secret would be in the ritual preformed in their belief.

The Roman Catholic Church have some well known religious orders, such as the Dominicans, Jesuits, Augustinians and many more.

Religious orders have probably existed since mans beginning, because it is clearly evident that even in ancient Egypt, they had religious orders. You would find the priesthood of Amun and the priestess of Hathor. At some point you even have two priesthood joining together, namely the priests of Amun and the Priesthood of Ra, becoming the priesthood of Amun-Ra.

Article written by Karima Lachtane