Revival Fire 2009: Pastor George Joseph Shares His Testimony

The transcription and translation of the gripping testimony by Pastor George Joseph at the Revival Fire 2009 gospel meeting hosted by Peniel Revival Ministries Inc in Vadaserikara, Kerala, India.

The youtube video is in Malayalam and the testimony of this man is inspiring. So I translated it for people who watch the video. The english translation is not perfect but it is really good for the time being and the video does go out of sequence halfway through but the sound is still good. So the transcribed translation of the video is as follows:

“May the name of God be glorified. We are in the last night of the gospel meeting started by
alot of prayer and organized by Peniel Revival Assembly (Peniel Revival Ministries Inc)

God has enabled us to glorify him together, so give thanks to God for that.

Once again we have been able to have such a open air meeting thanks to Peniel Revival
Ministries led by the man of God, Abraham Soman Palakatharayil. God gave him such a good
thought and we thank God for such a guidance.

The Men of God who are serving him in ministry and in missions, those that are saved by
God’s blood, those saints who bear the burden of Christ on their bodies and to those who
are listening to me from the surrounding areas, I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ.

I thank God for the man of God [Abraham Soman]. Around 1988 to 1989, I used to be a
businessman with my father in this town. This man of God knew God and he worked hard in
this area at that time. I remember in my heart how he gave his all in the ministry of God.

At that time, I was born and raised as a Canaanite-catholic church and I only had the mindset
to live my life as a small businessman in this town. Even for that, I did not have much
hope. At this time, there was a gospel meeting organized by Abraham Soman on the grounds
opposite the Reith catholic church. On his jeep, he was driving his own jeep around town
announcing the meeting and my father introduced me to him. I felt a small desire in my heart
to go to this meeting.

At that time, the catholic church was led by the great Father Joshu Peedikal and I had a
strong spiritual relationship with him but I did not have the courage to go to this
meeting. At that night, I stayed hidden in the darkness near the road to listen to God’s

That night, the servant of God JV Peter gave his testimony as he was leading the worship.
He spoke of a few lyrics of his song and how he came to write the song. So I listened
carefully. He said he had bone cancer and lost all hope in life. So he lay his head on the
railroad tracks to die but God spoke to him and said he was not called to die like this.
Rather he was called to sing to God’s glory. So he became a born again Christian and was
healed of his bone cancer. And God opened doors for him to sing in foreign nations and in

After a worship service he was sleeping in a hotel room and God spoke to him. God asked
him, “did I save you from the railroad tracks and healed you so you can sleep here?” The
holy spirit urged him to pray and he became inspired to write the song we all sing – “Enne
Enne Stuthikuvan” [Title of Song]

A few of the stanzas he summarized and sang, In front of the enemy who has set his sights
upon me, I did not flee because of God who has kept me safe in his arms. And I remember as
a Catholic as he shared this story and asked Do you know the value of a “praise God?” If
you ask JV Peter, he will tell you that the value of praising God is worth more than 1
lakhs. I did not understand but he explained further.

As he sang his song, an American heard his song and was touched. Upon hearing the
translation of his song, the American told him this song is about my life. Because he told
him how the enemy set his sights upon him and how God saved his life from personal harm.
The American told him how at his workplace while his brother was at a nearby counter, he
was held at gunpoint by a stranger. The only words he could say was “Praise God” and the
gunmen fired. The bullet went through his chest and shattered the glass cabinet behind him
and his coworkers subdued the gunmen. The American told him that the enemy set his sights
upon him and he walked out of there unharmed and it is me that God saved. So he told JV
peter he will do anything for him and the song touched him. JV Peter told him his only goal
is to die singing to the God who saved his life from suicide and healed him. If you would
like to do anything for me, I would appreciate any musical instruments you can give me. The
American bought his musical instruments worth 1 lakhs.

So when he asked the people of Vadaserikara how much a “praise God” is worth, he will
answer 1 lakh. If you ask the American, he will say that I was not saved but my brother was
and because of his praise to God, I am able to tell you that it is worth more than the
soul. Because even if the man gains the whole world yet looses his soul, then what good is
there with that man’s life. If a “praise God” can save my life, then it is worth more than
the whole world.

Let the believers give praise to God. At that night, I tearfully gave my life to Christ in
that dark tarred road.

You have seen me here for the past few days. In actuality, I thankfully praised God because
years ago as the man of God was leading worship, I was able to listen to the word of God
from the dark street corner hoping that no one will see me. I thank God for his
faithfulness in touching my life that night to help me stand in his ministry and to serve

I conclude my testimony.