Six Greatest Life Principles of Christianity

I attended a short talk on these six life principles of Christianity at Youth Gospel Center. The guest speaker is Reverend Burton C. William of Institute of Life-Principles of the Philippines.

A few years ago, I attended a seminar of 6 Great Life Principles of Christianity at Youth Gospel Center, and the guest speaker is Reverend Burton C. William of Institute of Life Principles of the Philippines.  The six great life principles are: Design Principle, Authority Principle, Responsibility Principle, Suffering Principle, Ownership Principle, and Freedom Principle.  These principles help us to recognize our relationship with God.  They are also signifies our roles in the relationship with God.

The Principle of Design

It is true that God created the heaven and earth.  We are also included with the creatures that are created by God.  Our role is to have confidence in God that He has fashioned and formed us for the unique purpose, which He had made for us.   God created us into His likeness.  God has three parts being: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.  Mankind also has three parts being: the spirit, the soul, and the body.

If we compare ourselves with others for their approval, it usually results to rejection of unchangeables.  What are the unchangeables?  These are the physcial and family features over which we have no control.  They are chose by God.  If we remembered that Christ died on a shameful death on the cross, therefore we should not mind in carrying our crosses.  If we have difficulty in accepting His own design for us, therefore we have difficulty in accepting God as our loving Heavenly Father.

Therefore, we should compare our inward character with the character of Jesus Christ.  For God’s ultimate purpose is to confirm ourselves in the image of Christ.  Defects and deformities work together, including all things, for good.  God may sacrifice outward beauty to develop good inner character; it highlights His unique message for us.

Our respond to defects and deformities is simple.  We should accept our defect as we acknowledge that we are created by God.  We can correct the defect, if possible.  Redeem the defect by turning it into a special message to extend God’s love to others.  Be grateful and accept God’s design for us.  Build godly character and reproduce Christ’s charater to be a blessing to others.  Then, you will learn that God has a true purpose for you.

The Principle of Authority

All authority comes from God.  If we submit in God’s authority, He will protect us.  God has established four balanced authority, which are: family, government, church, and employment.  Through reading the Scriptures, we learn all our responsibilities under these four authority.  It is for the Lord’s sake, we submit ourselves to every ordinance of the man.  And, it is also for our own good.

Rebellion is a sin by which we have given ourselves over to Satan and his power.  And, conflicts occur if the leadership does not respond in maturity, wisdom, and love.  Therefore, there will be unfulfilled promises, pride, and anger in our part.

So, the basic purpose of authority is to grow in wisdom and character, and to gain protection from destructive temptations.  Therefore, we receive clear direction for life decision.

The Principle of Responsibility

A good conscience denotes not leading othes into sin by one’s mode of life.  It is also a conscience not to be troubled by guilt of offenses.  A good conscience involves five responsibilities in five areas of life: action, word, thoughts, attitude, and motive.  The power and purpose of a clear conscience is to overcome temptations, to witness to others, and for mental and physical health.

Uf we want to have a clear conscience, we must ask first God’s forgiveness for our offenses we made to others.  Then, we reconciled with those whome we have offended.  Commit to guinuine repentance by accepting we have rebellion against God, and we should submit to God’s authority.

The Principle of Suffering

The primary goal of the principle of suffering is to recognize and to overcome bitterness by forgiving every offender in our lives, and to accept suffering as a part of being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ.  God has a purpose for suffering.  We have Christ’s power if we first accept His suffering for our redemption that we have triumph over sin.  We obtain Christ’s glory if we also welcome His suffering .  We also have abundant life if we are willing to take off the temporal values as if we look it as a long term perspective.  We also reign victoriously if we also suffer with Christ.   Failure to understand suffering results to bitternest at God and others as we have emotional focus on our sufferings.

There are consequences of bitterness.  We would have chemical, psychological, and spiritual imbalance.  If we want to have positive results, we should repent of our temporal values and focus on eternal things.  We  also should thank God for the offense as we recognize it would work for our own good.  We should also view the offender as an agent of God.  We can also volunteer to invest in the life of the offenders by speaking blessings to to them.

The Principle of Ownership

The major concept of ownership principle is about yielding rights.  We first must accept the fact we are belong to God by creation, redemption, and sustaining prower.  It we observe the life of Christ, we will find that Jesus Christ practiced the character of meekness.  He yielded his right  to wealth.  He also yielded his right to a good reputation.  He also yielded his right to be served.  He also yielded his right to physical comfort.  Lastly, he yielded his right to make decision for himself as such not dying on the cross.

There are some rights would be harmful to our spiritual growth so we give them to God, and God take them away.  Other rights are loan back to us by God, but they are not absolute rights to be called so we consider them as priveleges to be used for God’s purpose.

The Principle of Freedom

Paul explained that to be free from the law of God is to be enslaved to the law of sin, but to be servants of righteousness to God is to be free from the bondage of sin.   Therefore, moral freedom is having our physical drives under the control of Holy Spirit to do what we ought to do.

To conquer a sinful habit is to walk in the Spirit.  The Spirit will lead us away from the flesh and its lusts.  The testings are fiery trials that would burst us into anger and lusts.  Therefore, we should have a good response.  Give thanks for God is strengthening us though trials.  Rejoice because it is for our own good.  Engraft the Scriptures because it is the sword of the Spirit and weapon against Satan.  Appeal or cry out to the Lord for He will deliver us from temptations.  Triump victoriosly with good for this will overcome the evil.  To be skillful in overcoming temptations by using the Scriptures, we should not just memorize the verses.  We should also visualized and personalize verses coming from the Scriptures.


Do you want to hear my opinion?  i am a mediocre person.  By writing this article, it does not signify me as a canonized saint.  There are lots of things to learn about life, love, companionship, priveleges, relationship, and sufferings.  It is the way of life to learn all of these.  I cam to know God by faith and grace.  With His  mercy, I am able to do great things.  With His grace, I am able to do good things to others.  Showing mercy to others is by grace to achieve if we are able to be led by the Spirit.