The Begining Years

Story of the Beginning Years of the true Story About me, Mark Richard Fluet.

The Beginning Years

The way it was back then in 1969 was a great year to be born. Mark Fluet was born in Waterbury, Connecticut. He was the first born of 5 and he has great parents. His Father was a welder and his mother was a Nurse, of course it takes education and intelligence to be a nurse most women cannot handle the training and responsibility it takes.

Mark attended a Catholic School, and boy was he always getting in trouble. I mean he was only doing what all the great Fluet’s have done since the Revolutionary war, and that was ask a question. Sister Carol was his Teacher and you know how these false Christians always say one GOD, well in Genesis it specifically states a quote of,” When it came to pass that man began to multiply in the earth, that the Sons of GOD saw that the daughters of men were fair and bore children to them.”

Well we all know that is was taboo in those days to question any figure of authority but that is why even today, there is no one like Mark R. Fluet who will fight the President if need be to get to the truth.

That was easy for the Fluet family one kid to worry about. Then Lea was born.

From the first day mark was getting in trouble he tipped her out of the cradle, tried to put her in the hamper, I think that if it were up to Mark Lea would have been put up for adoption.

         When the time came to move it was March of 1978 and there were 3 children now. Mark dint have any more special privileges, in fact he was dumped on as to show the example. All the way from Connecticut Mark Threw crayons water anything he could and Lea was so easily pissed it was funny to Mark.

Now I am Not going to go through the whole brother sister feud all their lives, but Lea lies so much because she could never do the things Mark does. Mark surpassed her in all things. When he was 12 he programmed a basic word text game of clue all on basic programming

He also programmed a text game that no matter what Answer Lea put the final answer would always be she is dumb. Lea used to get so mad at her Brothers they excelled in all computer programming and especially games. The Atari 2600 came out and Mark would literally destroy Lea. She would get so mad she would practice by-herself at night. Mark and Bob used to laugh so hard as Lea would pull the joystick and stick out her tongue.

I think the final straw came was when Mark was 14 years old and in High School he already did everything he could to avoid his sister because it would always end up in a fist fight. Mark hated her and he wanted to kill her. Fortunately for lea, the law did not allow Mark to kill her so she survived, but there was a close call.

It was summer and mark Just finished his chores and sat down on the chair to play the video game he was playing pitfall 2 and he was almost at the final place to save clip claw, when Lea came in with the clothes and shut the tv off. I never saw a heavy kid move so fast Mark grabbed Lea by the neck and she was draped over the couch, if it was not for their father coming in at that time lea may of been choked to death,.

That is why Mark joined the military right out of high school and did excel, he was a welder, a machinery tech been through 2 wars and he got an excellence service letter from the governor. Mark wanted as far away from Lea as possible. He always did better far away. That was why I knew any person that would even say such lies of mark doing anything with his sister did not ever know the truth. he has no credit never believed in it. No criminal record, but he might have had he did kill his sister.

Funny you think that a family argument would die after a period of time, no..Mark always likes to stay as far away from lea as he can..In fact. He never even calls her for her b-day.

Seal of the city of Waterbury Connecticut

Waterbury, Connecticut (Photo credit: Wikipedia)