The Rapture is Coming: A Wonderful Teaching About The Biblical Rapture

Now, not everyone believes that there will be a rapture of the Church, which the Word of God does teach us, but this wonderful teaching might change a heart or two regarding this subject.

In the near future of the world, there will come a time, in the twinkle of an eye, when our Lord Jesus Christ will come to call up His bride (the church/people who have accepted Him as their Lord and personal Savior), so to save them from the Wrath to come on the Earth. While the Holy Bible doesn’t contain the actual word “rapture” in its pages; it does contain the teaching, which is commonly known as the “rapture” by the living church in the Lord Jesus Christ.

While I personally do believe in the “calling up” of the church known as the “rapture”, I know that many of my brethren are not so sure. The teaching shown below is from one of my favorite Christian Ministers, Jack Van Impe and his ministry Jack Van Impe Presents.

Jack Van Impe on The Coming of the Rapture (1 of 3)

Jack Van Impe on The Coming of the Rapture (2 of 3)

Jack Van Impe on The Coming of the Rapture (3 of 3)

I hope that this message from the Word of God is a blessing to all those who actually have taken the time to stay and watch it and most especially listen to what is being taught here. If you have just trusted your life and your eternal soul in the hands of Grace our Lord Jesus Christ, then I would like to welcome you as my newest brother or sister in the beautiful body of our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you would like to continue following the teachings of Dr. Jack Van Impe, then go directly to his ministry website for more in-depth devotionals and teachings, which our Lord Jesus Christ has guided our brother to teach in the Holy Spirit:

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