The Westboro Baptist Church

Yeah, them again. These guys are the most hated church in America, what these people are doing and their message is atrocious and hateful.

We’ve all most likely heard of the Westboro baptist church mentioned at least one point in our lives. The small church with the rage-a-holic pastor and brainwashed kids. These children are so sheltered, they hardly even leave the Westboro community. Any outside influences such as pop icons, or mainstream figures are written off as ‘fags‘. These people support homosexuals, so of course, they must be fags too.Oh. I didn’t explain to you guys that the noticeable slogan for Westboro baptist church is ‘God Hates Fags‘. As seen on their official web page.

This small, crappy church in a small, close-knit community do everything in their power to project their views on the rest of America. Everything about these people is filled with hate. They constantly dig up Bible scriptures to justify their prejudice they have against gays and lesbians and anyone who doesn’t see exactly their way is just another faggot waiting to be smited by God.

Just another example of how a human’s sick twisted self-beliefs and judgements can twist and manipulate what may be for the good of every single one of us. To my understanding, the Prophets Elijah and his servant/fill-in prophet Elisha were OBVIOUSLY gay together…but they probably wouldn’t see it that way. Maybe why neither of them had their own books? But anyway, the point I’m trying to make clear is that God, the CREATOR of all things, the CHRISTIAN deity, loves EVERYTHING HE HAS MADE. Whether you be a faggot or not. If everything God made is collectively perfect...then, he obviously doesn’t hate homosexuals. Stop trying to justify hate crime and say ‘they deserved it‘ whenever a homosexual dies.

There have been documentaries done on them, and observing their lifestyle is at the very least, interesting. It’s terrible to see that their children have next to no freedoms; they aren’t allowed to date, one of the daughters is disinterested in living on college dorms and dating altogether. And worse, totally dis-owning some of your children? These people are happy like this? Of course, the Westboro Baptist church would also be the ones to make mock music videos to their own lyrics criticising musicians for their artistic expression. Stop. It’s foolish.

The Pastor’s daughter is delusional, and she’s raising her own kids to be exactly the same. She’s a stubborn, unaccepting, loud-mouth who only sees and thinks things her way. She reminds me of someone. These people consider it their mission to brainwash us as much as they are. No wonder no one likes or respects this church. Fuck them.