True Spirit of Christmas

Christmas season, the celebration of Jesus Christ birth day. What is the true spirit of Christmas why is it so special for us?

In our believed Christmas is celebrated every December 25th as what we knew about the birth of Christ. Christians believes that Christmas celebrated every 25th of December after Emperor Constantine declared Christianity the empire’s favored religion. However, some religion from eastern countries celebrates Christmas every  January 6 at the birth of Christ and Baptism.

There are some factors to consider why we are celebrating Christmas in different date and days, but we are still celebrating the best occasion every year that makes you can feel the true meaning of friendship, giving, unity and peace.It is the time of unity and bonding of one family, to heal one broken hearts by forgiving and giving the chance to someone who committed mistakes against you.

Once we saw the “ber” at end of every months name we are on counting down the remaining days to Christmas December 25. Christmas is not just celebrating the day of Jesus Christ it is also time for showing love, unity, peace and giving to others.

The True spirit of Christmas is not just by celebrating during December or what ever day it is, and as what we are always doing that every Christmas we are giving and exchanging gifts to each in everyone as a symbol of giving and unity. But its nor really the true spirit of Christmas, the true spirit of Christmas is not by celebrating each December every year but it is always in our hearts and you can celebrate it anytime you want.

Do you agree with me? Christmas is just a celebration every year, but the spirit of Christmas can be celebrates every day. Love, unity, peace, giving, forgiving someone, giving chance to others, healing one broken hearts, unity one family can be celebrates or you can do it everyday not only in Christmas.

The most important things to consider during Christmas, you have something new in your life that you feel it is better than what you are before. You change something in you that makes you who your are as another person or new person every year. Believing in our GOD and do the right thing to others is another way of showing the best act to our God and to others.


Few months to go and its Christmas time, advance gifts to everyone by this simple articles i made. Hope you appreciate it.