What is the Most Bizarre Christian Sect Ever?

There are currently 38,000 sects and denominations in Christianity. What is the most bizarre Christian sect ever?

For the past two thousand years Christianity has grown to become the largest religion in the world. Throughout its eventful history, divisions and sects have come into existence and disappeared. There are about 38 000 sects in contemporary Christianity.

Different churches and sects have denied even basic Christian tenets and adopted strange ones. The Worldwide Church of God rejects the Trinity and Hell as pagan and believes in a “Family of God” consisting of Jehovah, Jesus and Worldwide Church members who become Gods when they die. 19th century Koreshanity believed that we actually live on the inner surface of a hollow earth with heaven in the centre. The Unification Church believes that Jesus was just human. His mission failed but will be completed by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who is greater than Jesus. The Makuya church reject the cross and use the seven armed Jewish Menorah instead. The members of  “Fiat Lux” fear bar codes, TV, Internet and wears bright clothes to ward off Lucifer’s radiation.

What is the most bizarre Christian sect ever?

Was it a group in the tumultuous times during the fall of the Roman Empire? Was it a sect in the dark ages? Or was it a cult born as Christianity became mixed with pagan religions?

The most bizarre Christian sect undoubtedly is the Church of Euthanasia

The Bizarre Church of Euthanasia

The Church of Euthanasia has only one central commandment: Thou shalt not procreate.
To attain its aims, the church advocates the four pillars

  1. Suicide
  2. Abortion
  3. Cannibalism
  4. Sodomy (non-procreative sex)

The central figure of this “church” is the founder Chris Korda (born 1962), a musician and only child of Michael Korda, the Editor-in-chief of Simon & Schuster in New York.

This is Chris Korda’s video on the central theme. Decide for yourself.

Do You have to kill yourself to join?

On the website www.churchofeuthanasia.org, it says “Of course you don’t have to kill yourself! If you really want to, though, wait until after you’ve joined the Church. That way, you automatically become a saint, without any additional paperwork. Don’t forget to leave a note thanking and/or blaming the Church, and feel free to will us your estate, if you have one. You could also make a tax-deductible donation. The Church is exempt from federal income tax in USA under 501(a) and 501(c)(3), EIN 04-324-9910.”

The sect claims members in Italy and Latvia though the majority of the members are in the USA.

Overall, Christianity can be called the way of love – Love your neighbour, as you love yourself. The Church of Euthanasia definitely has a bizarre way of delivering this message.