Where is God

Why can’t we see God. Where do we find Him? God has many son’s and daughters.

Having grown up in religious and or Christian home I always thought (not believed) that you HAD to go to church to find God. It took me well almost 30 Years to realize that this is “Not” where God is. I have studied the bible and have read so many opinions and still mine is the only opinion that makes sense to me. I no longer call myself a Christian, for the simple reason that there are too many hypocrites who hide under that mantle. I do not judge them or any one else no matter what they believe. The only pre-requisite to me is: Truth to the self.

To me God is all and all is one. It is rather self explanatory.

God is in every thing. He is in the solitary wild flower growing in the most desolated corner of a place long since forgotten. He is in the hungry cries of your newborn baby, the joy filled greeting of your dog. You get the point. He is everything and so are we.

On a personal note: This does not mean that I do not believe in Jesus and his teachings and the fact that he died on the cross. I do. I also believe and know that he was not the only teacher to ever live. There was Buddha, Mohammad, Gandhi, Martin Luther and Helen Keller. Jesus was not the only one or the only son of God. We are all sons and daughters of God. They all had the same message at the basis of their teachings and that is LOVE! And The word love and God are interchangeable.

If we live by the “Laws” of love, there would be no war, no starving children and so many if not almost all of mankind’s problems would be at their end. The only obstacle is the hereditary hate, hurt, you can think of any and all negative words, thoughts and feelings that we harbor because of our forefathers. If we could forget, we would remember LOVE/GOD for what it is. We would never be separated from Him and we would know Him. We and I say we, because we are all guilty have forgotten the true meaning of LOVE and that is why we look for God in a Church and do not see Him all around us and in ourselves.

The next time someone cuts in front of you in traffic, or does anything you do not like, see God in them (not their actions, remember the bad hereditary legacy) and you will forgive and let bygones be bygones that much easier.