Muslims, the followers of Islam religion

Muslims, the followers of Islam religion.

Muslims are the people who are known to follow the religion of Islam. They are known for their devotion towards their religion. They are found in the western parts of Asia in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq and in northern parts of the African continent. There holy book is Qur’an which is followed by every Muslim known to exist in the world. They believe that there is only one God in this world and Muhammad to be his only messenger. The Muslim Beliefs are very different from the ones of any other religion in the world.

The first thing about the Muslims is their respect for women, Criticizing a Muslim women is considered to be criticizing God. Moreover every Muslim belief starts and ends with a single word that is “stealing” or “theft”. If a person is killed, it is considered as a theft for that persons parents and close ones. Saying wrong things about a person is considered to be theft against that’s person’s liberty. Betraying any person is considered to be a theft against that person’s trust.

Apart from this Muslim Beliefs are Belief in one God, Belief in the Prophets, Belief in Angels, Belief in Holy Books, Belief in the decrees and lastly Belief in the Day of Judgment. Belief in one God as already mentioned is that they believe in the existence of only one God. Belief in the Prophets is meant for the al nabbi who are known to pass the messages of the God to people. Belief in Angels means that God created Angels who don’t involve in sex, don’t eat or drink and don’t even feel any pain. Belief in Holy Books, Muslims believe in 5 holy books which they believe are the ones in which God has sent messages via his prophets and are inscribed into these holy books. Belief in the Day of Judgment is the one by which Muslims believe that a day will come when all the life on the planet earth will finish.