Drawing the Witch’s Ring of Art

Detailed instructions for the traditional witch on explaining my take on drawing the Ring of Art or Compass Round.

Here is the method by which I, as a witch cast the Ring of Art. The symbolism found therein will be understood by many practicing traditional witches today. For the prentice witch, I would recommend attempting this method for a time.

As one studies and practices, the symbolism shall become apparent to one on the path of the traditional witch. For the traditional witch, the ring of art is not a mere “protective” or “warding” barrier. No, for the traditional witch the ring, or circle if you will, is an imitation world, a microcosm.

All that is done within this model world that we erect, is meant to effect the macrocosm. It is the working space of the traditional witch, and that which is done inside of the microcosm, affects all without it. Much of my methods are a modified variation of what was originally taught to me, with some symbolism and methods brought in from other sources.

The method in full has been tested and compiled by myself.

Drawing the Compass Round

The Declaration of Reversal

I come hither, before the Gates of Hell, before the Great River, I look beyond to White Lands where the faery folk dwell. I go beyond the hedge, away from men’s halls and green growing dells, I come hither, into the World beyond a White Tree that is both Stone and Well. In the name of the Devil and She who is All. I come, bearing the riding broom. Marked, I bear it in my left hand and shall ride it to Her Holy Land. Upon the Tree I ride, for this night I have died! Leftways I take the Ghost Road, to Meadows where all spirits are meant to hide!

Treading the Crooked Path

Read just prior to, or while treading widdershins around the working site, starting in the north. The wand, staff or besom is born in the left hand while treading:
The Crooked path I walk, Leftways betwixt Earth and the heavens above, I travel the spiral, a labyrinth leading ever downward and inward, the road to Hell, forsaking that which is left behind, for the time that I go beyond, to the place in which there is no time. I draw the compass round and walk the road to Wormsel!

The Ring of Flour

Read prior to walking the perimeter of the ring while pouring flour to mark the Compass Round:

Behold flour, fruit of man’s labor! That which comes from the grain of the harvest, that which is ground in the Mill. The power of humanity to sustain humanity. The fruit’s of life fulfilled, beheld at the Gates of Hell and the Throne of Fate!

The Primordial Waters (with The Crossing Rite)

(think to self: behold, the source of all life, waters of the Earth’s womb)
Water is blessed while saying:

Behold water, Blessed by the hand of the Master! That which fertilizes the earth, a bridge to the Underworld, and that mother’s milk which sustains all life; a water to cleanse and master all, and upon the ghost road to Hell, medium of the Devil’s spell!

The witch steps before each participant. Each dips his or her left hand into the water, performs and intones the crossing rite on themselves with the water. The water bearer treads the same path as before, while pouring the water along the way. When a cardinal direction is reached (starting with north) water should be poured a few inches outward in that direction, to create a “ghost road.”

The Crossing Rite:

In the Name of the Master (anoint forehead)
And the Dame (anoint navel)
And the Shadow and Light (left shoulder followed by right)
Holiness of the Wane and the True.

The Spell of Need Fire

(think to self: I have passed to the world below, here is the source of all Fire, here within the kingdom of Hell)

Light the fire or candle and say:

Behold, fire, power of the Lady! Lamp and light to that which is seen and unseen, creative force of the universe; heat and light of the sun, force of the life of the land, living essence of the Fate in all things, Needfire of all creation, springing from within the hearth of all the Crooked of the earth!


The Presentation To the Four Directions (at each direction the witch steps to the edge, recites the incantation, and places an Implement for that quarter)


(Ring bell) Black Wights come forth to the edge of the River! Here I place the riding broom, with my left hand I place it, in the Master’s name for all Black Wights of the dark night to behold!


(Ring bell) Grey Wights come forth to the edge of the River! Here I place the Mother’s womb, with my left hand I place it, in the Master’s name for all Grey Wights of the twilight to behold!


(Ring bell) White Wights come forth to the edge of the River! Here I place the King’s life, with my left hand I place it, in the Master’s name for all White Wight’s of the bright day to behold!


(Ring bell) Red Wights come forth to the edge of the River! Here I place the Arthame, with my left hand I place it, in the Master’s name for all Red Spirits of the dawn to behold!

The Confirmation of Reversal (done while facing north):

Master and Lady, I reverse myself. I move Leftways upon crooked path, always inwards deeper I go. The compass round is the circle of the grave mound, the world that is within and mirrors the world without. From here, the first Fire, and from here the hand of Fate!