Why The Ancient Egyptian Death Ritual Was So Complex

Why The Ancient Egyptian Death Ritual Was So Complex, mourners would cry their hearts out, some were paid to do so, others were the deceased’s family. Priests would perform rituals, and an embalmer would embalm the corpse.

ut the question in this case, would be, why?
Why The Ancient Egyptian Death Ritual Was So Complex.

From the written spells in their tombs (especially the rich or royal ones), to the written spells inside their coffin, to the papyrus filled with endless knowledge.
The burial process would take 70 days, each day filled with ritualistic behavior. Those 70 days were important, both for the body of the deceased but also for their soul, which was also being prepared. Studying the rituals which the priests preformed, reveals what these 70 days was about and why they preformed the burial procession in such a manner.
Why The Ancient Egyptian Death Ritual Was So Complex.
Everything could be said to be connected to two things which are vital in a man or life, that would be the Soul and Heart. The heart that is being weighed against sins (to read more about this, read this post – the judgment scene), the soul is being prepared for leaving the material body, the separation of a lifelong connection, so that one might live forever (everlastingness) and the body be preserved in the earthly ground. As if the body was the vessel to exist in this nature, but the soul was star born, beyond mans comprehension.
The exact belief is different both between time periods but also priests/pharaoh politics. But since I prefer to begin at the beginning, I would say lets stick to the pyramid texts which are one of the oldest texts. They would cut out some of the inner organs, and place them in the Canopic jars, the heart was usually left in the body. The brain would be removed with another chemical mixture, this would absolve the brain, so that the brain could be removed through the nose. the body was placed in Natron/natrium, a chemical mixture that you help to dry out the body’s fat tissue. Then the body would be covered with lining. This might sound horrible, but you must remember the person is dead and this was their belief, for them it was as normal as getting cremated. But while the body was being prepared, so would the soul be prepared to leave its earthly body. One known ritual is the ‘opening of the mouth’ ritual, which is where the priest would use a curtain tool, to open the mouth of the deceased in the underworld, this was a magical ritual, it would do so the deceased could use his or her mouth in the underworld. The underworld is not Hell or Heaven, actually you should see it as a long corridor, where you have to travel through to go to the next level. But to pass this corridor, you must transform your spiritual energy into other beings such as the Bennu bird and many others, this was their belief. What happened at the end of the corridor was different for people, depending on their beliefs (yes even in those fare away days, they had different ideas of the gods and goddess and Lord).

‘Why The Ancient Egyptian Death Ritual Was So Complex’ Because the soul had to be detached from the material and earthly body, and the journey of the free enigmatic soul would have to be prepared for the dangerous to come, in this long corridor.

So the complexity of their death rituals did make sense and server a higher purpose, but it is so fare from our mindset today,.. Or is it?
Article written by Karima Lachtane

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