God Is?

The Bible doesn’t answer some of the most important questions surrounding our existence.

I have read the Bible; I was a Christian for very many years. But you know, there are too many inconsistencies in the bible that leaves too much room for doubt and too many questions. The bible speaks of “believing as a child and it also says that God gave us a will of our own and to try all things, but hold on to what is good”. That in itself is confusing, because if choose to smoke and find it to be good, then I am not doing any thing wrong or do you believe I am?

So you see, there are many more confusing and unexplainable things in the bible. So it is up to us to read, interpret and believe what we need to in order to survive for lack of a better expression and not only the bible, but all works of literature and all religious and or pagan opinions about God, because he wrote it all because “all is one” and thus we are all one with God and visa-versa as I also try to explain in the following sentence. I have experienced the Holy Spirit, but then I have also experienced God, without the Holy Spirit. So that just says that God is in all of us and we are all part of him, as he is part of us.

I do believe in Jesus and I know his story. I know the whole story of the Bible and it is a beautiful story, but that is all it is. It does teach us many Life lessons and life truths though. Like Karma or rather in Christian language “what you sow, so shall you reap”, and it teaches us about LOVE and God is Love and the two are interchangeable. Go read Ephesians 6, and replace the word Love with God. I do not wish to offend anyone, only those with a fickle god will find offence in this. Why, because we say he does. That is a load of crap! You take the Supernatural out of God and forget to look around you, the Sky, The Ocean, The trees, everything around you is part of God and so are we.

We have 25000 or whatever the amount, of years of hereditary humanness behind us we have forgotten how to be the creators we were made to be. I mean, we use about 10% of our brain capacity and that means you are a genius, so the rest of us use even less. So what happened to the other 90% why are we wasting it? Are we as a species so contaminated with the negative energies in life that there is room for nothing else?