Tips on Knowing The Business Behind Teaching Yoga

You need to completely understand all the aspects of business behind yoga, in order to support yourself as a full-fledged yoga teacher, as teaching yoga is more decidedly a business.

A yoga instructor, who works as an independent contractor will have to put in lots of additional hours finishing off the paper work along with some other related and necessary tasks. Apart from these, getting ready for the classes, making the required preparations and teaching the classes on a regular basis, are integral parts of the job.

How Much Can I Earn?

This is the first question you must ask before you choose to begin your career as a full-time yoga instructor – “Can I live on what I will earn?” To figure out, whether you will be able to support yourself, you first need to know how many classes you think you will be able to teach on a weekly basis.

How Many Classes Can I Teach Per Week?

Teaching to a large group of people requires a lot of mental concentration and energy.

It is not something everyone can do for a continuous span of four-five hours. Imagine the amount of physical stamina you will need, to demonstrate the poses in each class you teach, even if you do not do them all. You will require in-between rest periods or you will get exhausted and tired. Many people discover that the amount of available physical and mental energy needed to teach regularly can substantially limit the number of classes that they can teach every week.

How Many Classes Are Available To Teach?

It is really quite hard to travel to thirty classes a week, especially when they are conducted at different locations. Apart from that, it is not necessary that all the time slots are optimal for conducting the classes. Even if you are available and able to teach a 2 pm yoga class, you may no find enough students, who are willing to come and make your class worthwhile.

Many yoga teachers discover that they can comfortably teach a maximum of around three to five classes a day, five days a week. Almost all yoga teachers need two days off in a row to rest, and to practice yoga themselves in order to recharge enough to teach efficiently. Even though you may be the rare person who feels like teaching around ten classes a day, six days a week, it is wise not to count on it for your own benefit.

How Much Should You Charge? 

Once you have decided on the amount of classes you want to take, you will have to decide on how much you should get paid for every class. The best way is to enquire around to find the current and expected rate for yoga teachers at the nearby studios and gyms in your area, and check if that amount is sufficient for you.

The amount is all relative to the area, the demands and your particular yoga niche. Some will pay more while others may pay less, but what you must consider is that if you multiply the average by the amount of classes you will teach in a week, will you be able to support yourself? When you know what to expect, you can negotiate your rate with the teaching venues, making it more realistic, while asking for the higher pay.

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