Word-spell for the Third Eye

You can activate your third eye through the use of certain words.

The first step one must achieve, in pursuing an alchemical lifestyle, is to fully activate one’s third eye. The third eye is activated by empowering pineal control over pituitary function. The pineal gland is the source of wisdom, the pituitary is the source of growth. By combining these energies and harnessing them together, one gains control over one’s physical manifestation.

Telepathy, telekinesis, transmogriphication, etc, are all built on this foundation.

The first goal of an alchemical lifestyle should be self-improvement. One’s self is one’s primary tool in all of one’s adventures and endeavors, therefore the first focus of discipline/practise should be to temper one’s Primary Tool, like a fine sword, and enhance it and make it strong, versatile, invulnerable, beautiful, etc.

Turning crude metal into gold is an activity one must engage in on a metaphorical and spiritual level successfully, before one is able to apply it to the physical world.

Pineal control can be practised through meditation. A word-spell/mantra for such meditation is:

I am, in order to know. I feel, in order to know. I dance, in order to know. I love, in order to know. I sing, in order to know. I see, in order to know. I know, in order to know.

Repeating this wordspell/mantra to oneself in ANY situation, during ANY activity, is the most effective way to meditate on it. It should not be restricted to sitting-session meditation.