The God of The Gaps

It’s often said that you can’t logically prove or disprove God. Sure you can. Anything which affects physical reality must leave physical traces that can be checked; if this were not true of God, we wouldn’t have any stories about Him. In the absence of God’s personal presence, let’s trace His footsteps from His origins and see if we can’t discover where He went…

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God Knows All About Your Situation

Does God know you? Does God care about what you are going through? God has the best GPS system in place that even includes the future.

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Crazy Ass Christians

“Crazy Ass Christian” and “bat-shit crazy” are terms I was called in a Triond forum recently when asking a simple question. They seem to find it funny to put down and degrade another.

Genesis 50: 20 You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

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The NIV Bible Quote That Calls Lucifer ” Jesus”

Many Christians want the truth and wonder why it is dangerous to use Bible translations other than the KJV. This article will give you the main reason why you may save your soul by sticking to the KJV Bible. This article will tell you exactly what scripture in the NIV calls Lucifer, Jesus. Since doing a study on the dangers of Biblical Translations, I myself had to repent from using versions other than the Authorized KJV.
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