Borrowed Pagan Traditions of Christianity

Although most Christians have been told that their traditions, everything from the Easter bunny to the Christmas tree, are of Christian origin, historians and religious scholars, know this is untrue.
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The Deaths of the Twelve Apostles

Historians such as Tacitus, Tertullian, Suetonius and many others recorded how Christianity faced unprecedented persecution after the death of Christ and the rise of Emperor Nero to power. All of the original apostles of Christ faced trials and were put to death either by the Roman Empire or local authority figures – but they all died for their faith.

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The Ten Commandments

This is a unique gender- neutral paraphrase of the Holy Bible, which uses the true name of Yahweh God and of Yeshua, the Christ, rather than the traditional manmade form Jehovah. It is a work in progress, so these are excerpts in a continuing series.

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Theology: Mohammed Vs. Jesus Christ

A comparative analysis of Islam’s greatest prophet and the Son of God. WARNING: This is a theological argument so if you are offended, please do not read on. Some parts of the argument may be against your beliefs but that is what makes theological arguments fun!

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