The Ten Commandments

This is a unique gender- neutral paraphrase of the Holy Bible, which uses the true name of Yahweh God and of Yeshua, the Christ, rather than the traditional manmade form Jehovah. It is a work in progress, so these are excerpts in a continuing series.

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The Beatitudes Explained

The beatitudes can very often go unnoticed but they are very important for those who have made the decision to follow Christ. They should guide us, point us in the right direction, teach us, and show us the values that Jesus cares about. As we read them we should be looking at whether or not we are trying to follow them.

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Theology: Mohammed Vs. Jesus Christ

A comparative analysis of Islam’s greatest prophet and the Son of God. WARNING: This is a theological argument so if you are offended, please do not read on. Some parts of the argument may be against your beliefs but that is what makes theological arguments fun!

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Predestination: To be Damned or Not to be Damned

In pastoring I occasionally meet individuals who are plagued with the haunting thought, “If God has predestined people, has He chosen me to go to hell?” The very thought that one is damned and nothing can be done about it can be very tortuous. To some, this clashes with the idea that God is loving and good.

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Demons: Real, Ravaging, and What You Can Do About Them

With shootings, murders, violence and all sorts of crime on the increase, many wonder why things are so bad in our times. While each individual is primarily responsible for their own actions, Satan’s realm, the kingdom of darkness, is an often neglected source of influence. However, we can take action.

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