Tri Kaya Parisudha

Basically, according to the cycle of “rwabhineda” human actions can be reviewed and two side / different dimensions, namely between good deeds (karma subha) and deeds that are not good / bad (asubha karma). Turnover / cycle and asubha subha karma is always interlocked and alternated with each other and are inseparable.

Such attitudes and human behavior during his life are on two different paths that so it is worth with his conscience consciousness (humans) must be able to use the capacity to think towards a better and true. When human beings think (Manah) willing and able to direct his mind toward the good will result in speech and behavior to be good (subha karma). Continue reading “Tri Kaya Parisudha”

The Eternal Seven

The seven Eternals or Immortals appear in several cultures at different times and usually are claimed by one or the other of religious groups. They roam the world and have a tendency to appear at crucial historical crossroads either singly or all together.

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