The God of The Gaps

It’s often said that you can’t logically prove or disprove God. Sure you can. Anything which affects physical reality must leave physical traces that can be checked; if this were not true of God, we wouldn’t have any stories about Him. In the absence of God’s personal presence, let’s trace His footsteps from His origins and see if we can’t discover where He went…

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Life in The Universe Exists: What Islam Says About Life Outside Earth!

Today, one of our oldest questions are answered! ‘Are We Alone in the Universe?’’ The answer is clearly “Yes, life outside Earth exists!”

Many people may not believe this article because it is written from the Islamic view of the universe. However, how can you believe that anyone could just say “Life outside Earth exists; let’s just write that down on the Quran.”

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Theology: Mohammed Vs. Jesus Christ

A comparative analysis of Islam’s greatest prophet and the Son of God. WARNING: This is a theological argument so if you are offended, please do not read on. Some parts of the argument may be against your beliefs but that is what makes theological arguments fun!

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